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SIGN to say NO U.S. Intervention in Venezuela!

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Please tell President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, Congress and the media: NO U.S. INTERVENTION IN VENEZUELA!

Sign the petition below and send it to President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, U.N. Secretary-General Ki-moon, Congressional leaders, and media representatives!

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TO: President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Members of Congress, and Members of the Media:


1. That since Feb. 12 a reactionary revolt led by pro-fascist elements in relatively few of the 335 municipalities of Venezuela has brought about the death of 37 people as of March 28 by the equivalent of terrorist acts, including the use of snipers and paramilitary forces infiltrated from Colombia, and of vandalism, destroying public facilities like health-care centers, government buildings, subway stations, universities.

2. That these fascist groups have received political and material support from the U.S. government, the CIA and other entities like NGOs used by Washington to subvert progressive governments.

3. That U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry and both Republican and Democratic senators and representatives have not only attacked the legitimatly elected government of President Nicolas Maduro but have also distorted reality by repeatedly insisting that the Bolivarian government is responsible for the deaths, caused by alleged but non-existent “government repression.”

4. That the corporate media have repeated these lies from U.S. government figures and have in general followed the “Big Lie” formula made infamous by Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels who said: “Repeat it enough and people will believe it.”

I demand:

1. That the U.S. government and all its public, secret, official and unofficial agencies immediately cease all forms of intervention in Venezuela, including ceasing of all material and political aid to right-wing organizations within the country.

2. That the big corporate media immediately stop their blatant lies about the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, admit their role in spreading these lies, and instead publish and broadcast the explanations of the events given by the Venezuelan government.

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posted April 4th, 2014

NO U.S. Intervention in Venzuela! Campaign


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