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On the First Anniversary of the Israeli-U.S. Massacre, THE PEOPLE OF GAZA NEED YOUR SOLIDARITY

*Support the 3rd Viva Palestina Convoy and the Gaza Freedom March

*Call, Email the Egyptian Embassy

*Join Local Solidarity Actions

Last Dec. 27, the U.S.-funded Israel war machine unleashed a blizzard of U.S.-made weapons of mass destruction on the towns and refugee camps of Gaza, the most densely populated place on earth. 1,500 died, many of them women and children. Tens of thousands lost their arms, legs, eyes, were paralyzed, orphaned or made homeless.

The United Nations Goldstone commission found that the Israeli state had committed war crimes, but the U.S. government has blocked any international action on its report. Meanwhile the people of Gaza still go hungry, their children are malnourished, the sick die from lack of medicine, their homes have not been rebuilt because of the vicious blockade imposed by the U.S. and Israel and acquiesced in by Egypt and the European Union. U.S. Army Engineers are stationed on the Gaza-Egypt border to try and stop food, medicine and building materials from going through.

People from around the world are seeking to break the blockade. The third Viva Palestina convoy led by British MP George Galloway departed London Dec. 5 with 200 people, 64 truckloads of humanitarian aid and 16 ambulances. The convoy grew as it crossed Europe, Turkey, Syria and Jordan to a tumultuous popular welcome. They are now up to 500 people and 210 vehicles--50 from Turkey alone. Some participants have come from as far as Malaysia. They plan to cross into Egypt today and enter Gaza on Dec. 27. You can learn more about their exciting journey at

Two days later the 1,300 participants of the Gaza Freedom March, including Pulitzer-winning author Alice Walker and Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters also plan to march through the gates. They will also carry humanitarian aid, including school ssupples and winter jackets for Gaza's children. You may follow their progress at

The International Action Center urges full support for both delegations, and Gaza Freedom March and encourages people to be on alert to step up support and pressure on the Egyptian Gov, Isarel and especially the U.S. who pulls the strings and controls the entire region as these 2 historic delegations attempt to enter into Gaza.


The Egyptian state, however, which receives large sums of miltary aid from Washington, has said it will close the Rafah crossing through the rest of December and January. It is important that people of good will contact Egyptian embassies and missions all over the world hear by phone, fax and email with a clear message: Let the international delegation enter Gaza.

In the U.S., contact the Egyptian Embassy, 202-895-5400 and ask for Omar Youssef or email

Also contact Ahmed Azzam at the Palestine Division in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo, tel +202-25749682 Email:

A list of Egyptian missions around the world may be found at


Protests and rallies are also planned across the United States. In New York City, on Dec. 27, the International Action Center will join with Al-Awda NY the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, the Arab Muslim American Federation, the MAS Freedom Foundation, American Muslims for Palestine, the International Action Center, Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Dec. 12 Movement, New York City Labor Against the War and many others in a 1 pm rally in Times Sq. at 42 St. and Seventh Avenue, followed by a march through the crowded holiday streets to the Israeli mission. We will say the blockade must end, the flow of U.S. arms and dollars to Israel must stop and Israeli generals and politicians must be prosecuted for war crimes. George Galloway is expected to address the Times Square rally by telephone.

In Chicago, the US Palestine Community Network, the Palestine Solidarity Group, Code Pink and others are organizing a Chicago Stands with Gaza rally on Monday, Dec. 30 at 5:30 pm at Grace Place, 637 S. Dearborn Avenue.

A list of other local actions is on the Fredom March Web site.


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