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Jews in Solidarity with Palestine

Join with over 1200 endorsers from the U.S. and internationally

Stop the U.S.-backed genocidal Israeli war and siege of Gaza
    * More than 1300 women, men and children killed by U.S.-made Israeli bombs
    * More than 5400 wounded
    * 1.5 million under siege for the past 18 months, without food, water, medicine, fuel
    * Collective punishment for resisting occupation; emergency aid blocked
    * Massive violations of international law
    * Apartheid wall
    * Racist oppression
    * Homes and land stolen
    * Forced into refugee camps
    * 60 years of occupation, from the river to the sea

We Say Enough!

We Are
Jews in Solidarity with Palestine

No to Israel!  Yes To Self-Determination, Democracy & Freedom!
Stop U.S. Funding of the War on Palestine!

Free Palestine

The whole world is horrified by the murderous Israeli assault against the suffering people of Gaza. From Seoul to Caracas, from Johannesburg to Amman to London, millions of people have poured into the streets to demand an end to this genocidal campaign, which is funded by the United States and carried out with U.S.-supplied weaponry.

There have also been protests in U.S. cities. While most of those marching are Arab-Americans, many African Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans and whites have joined in. Many Jewish people, outraged at Israel's war crimes and anguished that they are carried out in their name, are speaking out.

It's good that Jewish people of conscience are disassociating themselves from the Gaza aggression. But it's not enough. This atrocity is only the latest, and it's no aberration. It reflects the program of the Israeli settler state—which is based on the theft of Palestine, the ouster and suppression of the Palestinian people, and the racist ideology of Zionism—and of its primary sponsor, the Pentagon and U.S. business establishment.

It's not enough to oppose the bombing. It's not enough to demand an end to the 41-year occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. We stand in complete and unconditional support for the self-determination of the Palestinian people. This includes the right to return to Palestine, from the river to the sea, and the right to democratically determine the form and the future of the Palestinian state.

Nothing less will undo the historic crime of al Nakba—the 1948 catastrophe of the establishment of the state of Israel based on the ouster of the Palestinian people from their homeland,  oppression and inequality.

That crime betrayed the whole history of the Jewish people. From helping topple the czar in Russia and build the unions in New York, to resisting pogroms and fighting to the last breath in the Warsaw Ghetto, opposition to persecution, oppression and racism was central to the Jewish heritage.

We call on Jewish people around the world, including those inside Israel, to join us in reclaiming that heritage. Reject racism and genocide. Reject the Zionist state, the very concept of which is racist to the core. Take the hand of our Palestinian sisters and brothers. Defend their righteous struggle to restore their stolen land and build a democratic Palestine.

This is not an impossible quest. Remember how mighty the settler state in South Africa seemed, only a little over two decades ago? The racist regime there was buttressed by U.S.—and Israeli—support. But it was battered by the unstoppable political and military struggle against apartheid, which gained worldwide support. Apartheid fell, replaced by a new state based on legal equality.

A future of equality for all is possible in Palestine too. Until this future is won, the Palestinian struggle will go on. We stand with that struggle.

Initial list of signers:

Toni Arenstein, NY
Dave Axelrod, NJ
Laura Bickford, Chapel Hill SDS*/Raleigh FIST
Tibby Brooks, NY
Ben Carroll, Chapel Hill SDS*/Raleigh FIST
Ellen Catalinotto, NY
Sara Catalinotto, NY
Hillel Cohen, Doctor of Public Health, NY
Naomi Cohen, NY
Heather Cottin, Long Island Troops Out Now Coalition, NY
Barbara Dorritie, Teacher, MA
Ellie Dorritie, ret., APWU*, WNY
Rachel Duell, prof., NJ
K. E. Durkin, NY
Sharon Eolis, nurse-practitioner, ret., NY
Shelley Ettinger, NY
Leslie Feinberg, Co-founder, Rainbow Flags for Mumia, NY
Irving Fierstein, artist, NY
Laurie Fierstein, NY
Michele Finkelman, AFSCME L. 215*, NY
Sherry Finkelman, UFT L. 2*, NY
Julie Fry, V-P., Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys*, NY
Gavrielle Gemma, NJ
Michael Gimbel, del., NYC Central Labor Council*
Carl Glenn, NJ
Jerome Goldberg, attorney. MI
Marsha Goldberg, NY
Fred Goldstein. NY
Lila Goldstein, Students for Justice for Palestine*, MA
Judy Greenspan, CA
Sue Harris, Ph.D., NY
Joyce Kanowitz, NY
Stevan Kirschbaum, chair, Grievance Comm., USW L. 8751*, MA
Tova Klein, CA
Michael Kramer, I.D.F. veteran, Veterans for Peace, Chap. 021*, NJ
Donna Lazarus, UFT*, NJ
Milt Neidenberg, ret., Teamsters L. 840*, NJ
Frank Neisser, CWA L. 1701, ret.*, MA
Cornelia Rakow, NY
Arthur Rosen, NY
Anita Rosenblithe, AFT*, NY
Malcolm Sacks, Montreal
William Sacks, attorney, NY
Dave Schechter, NY
Susan Schnur, Transit Union L. 268*, OH
J.R. Singer, Ph.D., NY
David Sole, Pres., UAW L. 2334*, MI
Al Strasburger, NJ
Paul Teitelbaum, International Action Center, AZ
Jill White, EdD, IL
Eddie Yood, NY

*=For purposes of identification only.

Full list of endorsers (in formation. List as of 1/21/09)

Liz Aaronsohn, Assoc. Prof., We Refuse To Be Enemies*, CT
Anwar Abdelrahman, AZ
David Abeles, RN, NNOC*, TX
Rami Abumasmah, Doctor, RI
Anya Achtenberg, Writer, Educator, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network*, MN
Allen Alagheband, NY
Fredrick Albury, Activist, ANSWER*, CA
Sylvia Alcon, CA
Mary Allen, MI
Vinit Allen, CA
Solange Andrea Altamore, Student, Buenos Aires University*, Argentina
Dan Alter, No 1st Cost List*, WA
Charles Alverson, CA
Frank Amies, Milford Haven Grammar*, United Kingdom
Sheila Amies-Byron, Private*, United Kingdom
Brenda Amlashi, teacher, MA
Vivek Ananthan, president, Vis*, PA
H.G. Andersen, Malta
Nelson Andersen, Malta
Peter Andersen, Malta
Sheri Andersen, teacher, CA
Peter Anderson, professor, WU*, TX
Emilie Andreoulis, Raelian Movement*, France
Betsy L. Angert, FL
James Appleton, NC
Ramon Armendariz, CA
Colleen Armstrong, CA
David Arnow, Professor, AFT 2334*, NY
Mike Arrajj, CA
Kekule Asgari, M.D., M.d. Anderson Cancer Center,* TX
Pouran Asgari, ON, Canada
Hassan Ashktorab, MD
Dawn Ask Martin, IA
Richard Asmus, MO
Sandra Assasnik, WILPF*, OR
Robert Astrue, CA
Cagdas Atasoy, Turkey
Alice Azzouzi, VA
Dena B., TX
Elaine Babian, retired, UFT*, NY
Maggie Bagon, social worker, SEIU*, OR
Marietta Bakker, teacher, Netherlands
Magda Barba, CONACC *, Mexico
David Barlavi, attorney , CA
Brandon Barnard,  MD
Ronald Barnes, NH
Bernice Barta, IL
Claire Barton, Ireland
Laurel Barton, community organizer/filmaker, Peace Action West *, CA
Sue Bastian, OR
Sue Baumgardt, United Kingdom
Kia Bazargan, Associate Prof., University Of Minnesota*, MN
Jaime Becker, CA
Stella Bedard, BC, Canada
Joseph Bedri, CA
Grace Beeler, ESL Teacher, Boces*, NY
Marie Belliveau, Niagara Coalition For Peace*, ON, Canada
Aahd Benchaouch, National Architecture School Of Rabat*, Morocco
Paul Bennett, Retired, AFSCME DC 37 Local 375*, NY
Donald Berg, retired electrical worker, BC, Canada
John Bernard, ME
Jan Bernhardt, NY
Dr. Hanne Bille, Malta
Cyrus Bina, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics, University Of Minnesota*, MN
Caroline Birer,  United Kingdom
Robert Bisson, NY
Annika Black, ME
Patrick Black, United Kingdom
Penny Blakeney, IL
Wayne Blanchard,  VA
Benay Blend, instructor, Community College Of Central New Mexico*, NM
Bill Boeler, DC
Adhiraj Bose, Symbiosis Law School*, India
Tom Boughan, TN
Jim Boyette and Karen Boyette, WA
Susan Bradley, primary teacher, Retired, CA
Carrie Bramen, NY
Marie-Louise Bratt, Sweden
Blaine Brende, CA
Lenni Brenner, Author, NY
Steven Brewer, NY
Richard Briscoe, CA
Terry Brooks, Reverend, SC
Debra Brown, CO
Ronald Brown, CO
Caroline Browne, Virgin Islands (US)
Beth Bruch, NC
Morton K. Brussel, Professor Emeritus, University Of Illinois*, IL
Gerard Buffin, France
M. Catherine Buntin, Public Health and Hospice Nurse, IL
Laurel Burik, CA
Jacquelyn Burke
Aisha Burnes, artist, NY
Kathleen Burnham, CA
Sqeak Burtner, PA
Mark Burwinkel, OH
Marcus Bustos, Entertainer, IL
Judith Butler, Professor, UC Berkeley*, CA
Josep Canals, retired professor,Universitat De Barcelona, Spain*, Espana
Cecilia Carey, Manager, Inter-Hemisphere Tours, NY
Mary Carlisle, TX
Smadar Carmon, peace activist, ON, Canada
Arnie Carter, CO
Shelia Cassidy, CA
Reyna Castro, admin. asst., ON, Canada
Linda Chapman, NY
William Chappel, NJ
Mary Chipman, United For Peace & Justice*, MO
Jane Chischilly, AZ
Harry Charles Chlouverakis-Papas, research director, Greece
Hasan Tarique Chowdhury, Secretary, Bangladesh Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization *, Bangladesh
William Christwitz, minister, Clearlake Peace Action*, CA
Inn Chung, Director, Boston Korean American Social Center*, MA
Mariana Cicerchia, MA, Argentina
Mary Ciocan, Treasurer, Piedmont Green Party*, NC
Donald Clark, TN
Trina Clemente, WI
Jake Bachmann Clemncio, Switzerland
John Clough, Scotland
Helen Cockrum, CA
Alexandra Cohen, ME
James Cohen, Professor of Political Science, University Of Paris Viii*, MA
Leona Cohen, NY
Sol Cohen, CA
Deborah Coley, TX
Denis Collet, NY
Richard Collier, VP, CCFA, AB, Canada
Charu Colorado, artist, OR
Joe Cook, VA
George Coombs, Dr
S. Cooper, NJ
Christine Cordaro, CA
Ken Cornet, Justice of the Peace, CT
Marilyn Cornwell, teacher, SfUSD*, CA
Nelson Magalhees Costa Filho, Reverend, Brazil
Eugene Craig, Steward, SEIU, Local 521*, CA
Joyce Crowley, PA
Geraldine Cunningham, Assistant Dean of Students, IL
Katherine Cunningham, PA
Susan Curtiss, Professor, Dept. Of Linguistice, UCLA*, CA
John Daggett, Ph.D., OR
Dorothy Dale, chair, Whatcom Peace And Justice Center*, WA
Kenneth Dalton, President, VFP Chapter 021, NJ, U.S.N. Veteran 1970-74, Life Member VVAW., Veterans For Peace, Chapter 21, NJ.*
Arthur Daniels, United Federation Of Teachers*, FL
Monica Daoulova, Retired, QC, Canada
S. David, PhD, Dept. Social Health Svcs*, WA
Alex Davis, Senior Litigation Paralegal, Cheng Law Group*, CA
David Davis, Board Member, Cross Border Network For Justice And Solidarity, Colombia Support Network*, KS
Shellee Davis, CA
Bruno De Pasquale, Raelian Member*, France
Jolie De Pauw, Lotus Dog*, CA
Theadora De Soyza, Pax Christi*, NY
Salima Dean, United Kingdom
Kaye Debona, FL
Jerilyn Deitrick, CA
Mireille Delamarre, presidente, Voix De Paix En Mediterranee, France
Francois Delmas, France
Margarita Delsante, Sweden
Raj Desai, CA
Surendranath Devarayapai, Gen. Sec, AIAIF Kerala chapter*, India
Laurie Diamond, MA
Patty Diana, AZ
Mary Ann Dicianni, IL
Joseph Dimartino, NY
David Dingler, SC
Joan Dobbie, Poet, OR
Robert Dobrow, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Carleton College*, MN
Nancy Dollard, OH
Alex Domond, CA
Arthur Donart, Dr., IL
A. Douglas, RI
Bedard Douglas, BC, Canada
Ana-Lia Duchowney, FL
Alice Dugar, Sisters Of Notre Dame*, OH
Gayle Dunkelberger, NY
Kerry W. Dutton, NV
Thomas Eckhardt, Germany
Peter Edgerton, OR
Rouzanna Egian, CA
Nick Egnatz, Veterans For Peace*, IN
Fran Eichenauer, retired social worker, CO
Hester Eisenstein, Professor of Sociology, Queens College*, NY
Mohamed Elawany, NC
Chris Ellis, N.A. , Battalia San Patricio Bolivarian Circle, CA
David Ellis, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Fresno (retired)*, CA
Norbert Ellmann, IL
Hani Elomrani, Internal Medicine Resident, Wright State University*
Obiora Embry, KY
Anne Emerman and Sidney Emerman, Board Member, Gray Panthers NYC Network, Disabled In Action Metro NY*, NY
Hedy Epstein, MO
Luis Escamilla, student, University Of Washington*, WA
Simon Eskow, NY
Robert Estrin, musician, Living Piano, CA
Diane H. Fabian, WI
Javad Fakharzadeh, MH
Buthaina Fakhouri, WA
Ralph Famularo, Japan
Marc Farinelli, MN
Bianca Fazio, social worker, MN
Helga Fellay, CA
Nassy Fesharaki, ON, Canada
Elisabeth Fiekowsky, CA
Kei Fischer, teacher, Community Organizer, CA
Elwood Fisher, Aide To Fla State Rep Elaine Schwartz & Mayor Carl Shechter*, FL
John Fisher, NJ
Patrice Fisher, CA
Tom Fitzpatrick, CA
Frankie Flores, Director of Operations, Stop Impunity Project*, CA
Ingrid Flores, CA
Father Thomas Flower CFJ, Priest, TX
Denis Floyd, retired, OR
Tony Fluxman, Dr, Rhodes University*
Ann Fonfa, FL
Chance Foster, VA
Bernie Fox, CA
Vicki Fox, teacher, NY
Kathleen Fox-Bennett, LCSW, NY
Lee Frank, CA
Nancy Freedom, CA
Nora Freeman, NY
Michael Friedman, NY
Susan Friedman, activist, San Diego*, CA
Carol Gable, RN student , Nyu *, NY
Cheryl Gallagher, CA
Rita Gallin, MI
Philip Gallo, Dr., CA
Michael J Garcia, artist, CA
Rafael Garcia, Pastor, Summerfield United Methodist Church*, NY
Judith Gardiner, IL
Nancy Gathing, teacher, Madison Teachers, Inc.*, WI
Brigitte Gertner-Coulibaly, Friedensgruppe Herford*, Germany
Merideth Genin, NY
Sineta George, CA
Page Getz, student, Berkeley City College*, CA
Lauren Gevin, France
Mitra Ghaffari, Director, BC, Canada
Zohreh Ghavamshahidi, Professor of Political Science, WI
Ali Gheiybe, STOP WAR, Netherlands
Roy Ghim, ME
Molly Gibbs, Director, Iraq Memorial To Life*, WA
Ed Gibney, (RLS), VI
John Gilman, Ph.D., NY
Jaska Glowacz, Switzerland
Sherna Gluck, CSULB*, CA
Keith Godwin, MD
Tami Gold, filmmaker/professor, Hunter College*, NY
Philip Goldman, Dr., CA
Henry Gonzales, National Education Assn.*, NM
Julio Gonzalez Gil, Student, Spain

Joyce Good, Retired teacher, Chicago Teachers Union*, IL
Trevor Goodger-Hill, QC, Canada
Julius Gordon and Grace Gordon, AZ
Amy Gottlieb, ON, Canada
Julie Gottlieb, NY
Anton-Scott Goustin, MI
Jeff Grabelsky, NY
Arika Grace-Kelly, OR
Judith Graham, CA
Grandparents For Peace In the Middle East, PA
Ann Grant, BC, Canada
Marlene L. Grant, Sept. 7th Movement, GA
Adaus Green, IN
Lawrence Green, ON, Canada
Phyllis Greenleaf, author, CA
Wil Greenstreet, NY
Becky B Gregory, IN
Carolynn Griffith, Rev., The Church Of Keauhou*, HI
L. Susan Griffiths, OR
Carol Grippen, retired teacher, NY
Marcia Grippen, NY
Paul Grohman, CWA 1101*, NY
Kali Grosberg, CA
Raquel Guillen, CA
Cathy Gulkin, Independent Jewish Voices*, ON, Canada
William Gulliford, AZ
Peter Gunther, archives specialist, IL
J. Gurvitch, CO
Marina Guvenc, NY
Evelyn Haas, PA
Wesam Haboush, Dr., United Kingdom
Marilyn Hacker, NY
Hossein Haghighi, Mercy Hospital*, CA
Michael Hajjar, MI
Kenneth Hall, Sweden
Patricia Halle, MD
Eda Hallinan, CA
Khalid Hamideh, NY
John Hammurabi, LA
M. Jamil Hanifi, Professor-Anthropology, Independent Scolar*, MI
Bas Harbers, Netherlands
Amy Harlib, NY
Rick Harrig, Wold Run Ranch & Studios*, OR
Norma J F Harrison, Central Committee member, Peace And Freedom Party*, CA
Heidi Hartmann, IL
Kathleen Harvatt, writer, MD
Gerald Hassett, VFP/Green Party*, NY
John Hechtman, NY
Annie Henry, VA
Thomas Hereford, MO
Tamara Herman, BC
Eugene Hernandez, Green Party*, CA
Laura Herrera, senior legal assistant, CA
Lillian Herz, Peace Resource Center Of Frederick County*, Maryland, MD
Nancy Hey, VA
Gerry Hiles
Harriet Hill, REHS, M.S., CA
Meg Hillert, mother and housewife, TX
Mfemf Hinds, National Union Of Journalists*, United Kingdom
Charles Hinkley, AZ
Helen Hintjens, Senior Lecturer, Insitute Of Social Studies*, Netherlands
Nicole Hirabayashi, CA
Yvette Hochberg, International Solidarity Movement*, CA
Herbert Hoffman, Ind. Cand. for U. S. Senate, ME
Paul Hoffman, Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology Emeritus*, Harvard University*, BC, Canada
Adrian Hofstetter, KY
Kevin Hoggard, IN
Mel Hoit, attorney, WA
Patrice Hollebecque, artizan - Gers Valley, France
Marisa Holmes, organizer, SDS*, IL
Betsy Hooker, FL
Emily Horswill, retired, WA
Julie Houff, WA
Jerold Hubbard, KS
Janet Hudgins, UBC*, BC, Canada
Janise Hurtig, Ph.D., IL
Rod Hutchinson, WA
William Iannaccone, National Lawyers Guild*, NY
Ed Iglehart, Scotland
Naomi Imbrogno, NY
Candan Inan, Turkey
David Ireland, Green Party*, NC
Suzanne Iseli, Switzerland
Abdul Jabbar, professor, City College Of San Francisco*, CA
Matthew Jacobson, professor, EADI*, Spain
Naomi Jaffe, NY
S. Jahangeer, Dr., VA
Jake Javanshir, NION-Not In Our Name. Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism, ON, Canada
Donna Jett, NV
David Johnson, The Peoples Coup, MT
Teresa Johnston, New Zealand
Jenny Jones, MA
Claire Joseph, CA
Donald M Judge, Iron Workers Local 720, BC, Canada
Ralph Kader, NY
Harvey Kaiser, NY
Kathleen Kalil, Dr., MI
Sheila Kalivas, retired psychologist, CA
Moe Karami, OK
Elizabeth Karan, CA
Judith Karpova, renewable energy consultant, NJ
Jenny Kastner, ON, Canada
Jeff Kaufman, CA
Sajida Kausar, Pakistan
Thomas Kavanagh, Australia
Marthe Keller, NY
Don Kelly, AR
Ingrid Kepler-May, Executive Director, Family Mediation Center, Inc., CA
Tahir Khan, CA
Usman Khan, MD
Mira Khazzam, Independent Jewish Voices, Montreak*, QC, Canada
Omar Khwaja, CA
Yumi Kikuchi, founder, Global Peace Campaign*, Japan
David Kirchner Walters, IBEW1245*, CA
Barry Kissin, attorney, MD
Cary Kittner, NY
Nancy Klassen, mother, BC, Canada
Molly Klein, France
Gary Kleppe, First Vice-Chair, York Township Democratic Organization*, IL
Ken Klonsky, The Human Race*, BC, Canada
Nancy Kohn, MA
Judith Kolokoff, retired, WA
Emmy Koponen, NY
Dennis Kortheuer, CA
Sasaki Kosaku, Japan
Bonnie Koshofer, NY
Morio Kotera, Japan
Rebecca Magdalena Kotula, VT
Steve Kowit, CA
Frank Krasnowsky, Yiddish singer/translator, OR
Steve Krevisky, professor, Congress Of Ct Community Colleges (SEIU)*, CT
Jessica Krohn, program consultant/student, Syracuse University*, NY
Lawrence Kronen, attorney, NM
Catharine Krupp, CA
Stefanie Kubinak, CWA Local 1180*, NY
Eileen Kuch, MD
Marie Kullman, NY
Nel Labar, TX
Azim (Jon) Lake, CA
Pat Lamb, BC, Canada
Barbara Joseph Lammers, SCN, librarian, Belize
Charles Lane, PA
Amy Lang, professor, NY
Lillia Langreck, Ssnd, WI
Marc Laquiere, pedagogical advisor, Federation Of Maroccan Organisations, Belgium
Valerie Lasciak, WILPF*, CA
Latin American Circle For International Studies, Mexico
Russ Layne, Executive Director, Sugarloaf Music Series, Inc.*, NY
Hicham Lbaz, PA
Marianna Lee, editor, DC
Marlene Lehmkuhl, administratoar, KY
Jack Leiss, NC
Cecile Leneman, writer, Emerita SDSU*, CA
Howard Lenow, American Jews For A Just Peace*, MA
Oliver Leon, student, Thames Valley University*, England
Eva Lessinger, MA
Raymond Leszczak, NJ
Zachary Levenson, Ph.D. student, UC-Berkeley Dept. Of Sociology*, CA
Jay Levin, CA
Linda Levin-Messineo, Professor, University Of Pittsburgh*, PA
Malcolm Levitt, Professor, University Of Southampton, Uk*, United Kingdom
H.k. Levor, NY
Rob Levy, TGWU/UNITE UK*, United Kingdom
Emily Lewis, MA
Teresa Lewis, AZ
Karen Lichtman, IL
Daniella Liebling, NY
Eric Lind, retired chemist, MA
Bruce Linton, DE
Abby Lippman, QC, Canada
Terri Lloyd, Hairy Carrion Arts, CA
Claire Lobell, retired, CA
Ron Loewe, Anthropology Professor, California State University Long Beach*, CA
Kim Loftness, WFSE/Local 341*, WA
Freddie Long, CA
Mabel Long, CA
Rev. John R. Long, Dd, Presbyterian Minister, First Presbyterian Church*, NY
Marcelo Lopez, MA
Hernan Lopez-Garay, Dr., Universidad De Los Andes*, Venezuela
Jose Luis, Casa las Americas, Puerto Rico
Lin Luker, AZ
Judith Lutfy, HI
Judi Lutzwoods, homemaker, NY
Linda Mackay, BC, Canada
Rev Sandra Mackie, pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church In America*, PA
Paul Madnick, NY
Gary Magwood, ON, Canada
Farkhunda Mahar, CA
Emily Maloney, attorney; Labor Arbitrator, National Lawyers Guild*, CA
Laurie Manis, IL
Lynda Marin, CA
Aristotelis Marinis, Greece
Richard Olivier Marius, CCNY*, NY
Barbara Markowitz, CA
Patricia A Marks, NY
Daniel Marlin, CA
Eugene Marner, NY
Frank Marrero,  NY
Gwen Marshall, OH
Kevin Martin, FL
Paloma Marugan, NY
Biloxi Marx, artist, OR
Darla Masterson, AZ
Helia Mathi, France
Nancy Matthews, Director, Sedona School Of Massage*, AZ
Cynthia Maurer, MA
Hildy Maze, NY
Geoffrey Mazer, CA
Michele McCarthy, NY
Veronica McClure, Project Coordinator, Univ. Of California, Davis Campus*, CA
Capt O'Kelly McCluskey, Director, US Peace Academy*, WA
Kathy McCrink, KS
David McGarry, MT
Catherine McGuire, peace activist*, IN
Dennis McNamara, CA
Ernst Mecke, Dr.rer.nat., Finland
Herman Meester, Netherlands
Nijad Mehanna, attorney, MI
Stephanie Meikle, Australia
Benjamin Melaneon, MA
Thomas Melvin, CO
Elissa Menconi, MA
Charles Merten, retired teacher, UFT*, NY
Vicki Merten, retired teacher, NYSUT*, NY
Esther Merves, DC
Eli Messinger, M.D.*,, NY
David Metzler, Prof. of Religion (Retired), Bridgewater College *, VA
Eric Meyer, TX
Matt Meyer, founding chair, Peace And Justice Studies Association*, NY
Thomas Milcarek, HI
Matthew Miller, OH
Eva Millette Coombs, WA
Linda Minshall, KS
Jonathan Mitchell, AL
Marylee Mitchell, NY
Daniel Mizzi, Pharm.D., NY
Ronelle Moehrke, GA
Ossama Mohamed, professpr. Alex University*, AK, Egypt
Nasseredin Mohseni, Software Engineer, Cybercom Group*, Sweden
Sergio Monteiro, CA
Jeffrey Montez De Oca, Visiting Assistant Professor, Franlin And Marshall College*, PA
Bill Montross, attorney, MD
Arthur C. Moore, KY
Dawn Morishige, Buy Art Studios*, CA
Barry Morley, Secretary-Treasurer, Community Business And Professionals Association Of Canada*, BC, Canada
Eric Morris, director, Orbis World Globes*, WA
Elizabeth Morrison, building manager, CA
Hossein Moshfegh, member, Society For Freedom In Iran*, CA
Ali-reza Moshrefi, CA
Alllyn Moss, Peace & Social Concerns Coordinator, Blacksburg Friends  Meeting*, VA
Phoebe Moyer, actress/director, CA
Tom Mulholland, United Federation Of Teachers*, NY
John Mullen and Janet Mullen, MA
Peter Muller, VA
Thomas V. Muller, psychologist, FL
Fidel Munnigh, Dr., Dominican Republic
Elizabeth Murillo, teacher, UFT*, NY
Mallory Musser, WA
Jaime Myers-McPhail, ME
Alice Myerson, nurse practitioner/hiv specialist, NY
Laura Myreson, teacher, Ossining, NY
Lawrence Nader, Retired, PA
Norma Nager, Adjunct Prof/Demographer, Trinity University*, DC
Neiln Naiman, York University*, BC, Canada
Alema Najimi, NY
Mohammad Naraghi, professor, NY
Eva Naylor, New Zealand
John Nettleton, OR
Norie Neumark, Dr, Uts*, Australia
Mary Nevins, PA
Harvey Newman, NY
Dirk Neyhart, CA
Peggy Nicholson, CA
Rael Nidess, M.D., TX
Edwin Nieves, CA
Robert Nilson, retired, NH
Doug Noble, NY
Henry Noble, National Secretary, Freedom Socialist Party*, WA
Chris O'Moran Fairbank, The United Celtic Brotherhood Of Australia., Australia
Arthur Oaklander, CA
Jennifer O'Brien, TX
Miep O'Brien, NM
Sylvine Occhipinti, Italy
Cameron O'Connor, FL
Walter Oczkowski, retired, NY
Mary Oherron, NY
Tema Okun, NC
Sergio Olhovich Greene, film director, Mexico
Davide Oliva, Ireland
Operation Democracy, PA
Heather Orr, WA
Lorenzo Ortiz, firefighter, CA
Julie Ostoich, CA
Martin O'Sullivan, Ireland
Christina Pacosz, MO
Greta Paez, NC
Gina Palmer, OH
Susan Paquin, legal assistant, MI
Mark Paschal, graduate student, UC Santa Cruz*, CA
Matthew Paskash, IN
Mike Paul, MI
Peace Action Maine, ME
Don Pearce, South Africa
Mary Peete, Independent Peace Activist*, WA
Andrea Pennisi, NY
Albert Penta, WA
Justine M. Pepicelli, LMT, NCTMB*, NY
Richard Peppin, President, Scantek, Inc*, MD
Jaak Perquy, Political Secretary, Communist Party-Flanders (KP), Belgium
Rosetta Pervan, NY
Amy Pett, MA
Sharon Phillips, KS
Kim Pickens, mother/artist/activist, Sonic Visions Artist Collective*, TX
Edie Pistolesi, CA
Bob Pizzi, CA
Bret Polish, CA
Donald Poochigian, Doctor, ND
Andre Posman, retired teacher, De Rode Pomp, Concertorganisation
Judi Poulson, MN
Jim Prentice, Dr, Science For Peace*, BC, Canada
Lynn Price, TX
Susan Pruyn, ON, Canada
Abdullah Qassab, STD, Kustar*, United Arab Emirates
Peter Rachleff, Professor of History, Macalester College*, MN
Xavier Racici, Italy
Andrew Radin, Research Associate, Nova Scotia Agricultural College*, NS, Canada
Steve Rahimi, CA
Dorli Rainey, WA
Baruch Ramirez, United Kingdom
W.E. Rampujan, CA
Colin Ramsay, CA
Jim Rauner, Deacon, Pax Christi*, MI
Bob Rawlings, IL
Troy Rawls, Reverend, CA
Osha Ray, Wellness Facilitator, FL
Faree Rayyis, Sysco*, CA
Gabriele Repaci, student, ATTAC (Association For The Taxation Of Financial Transactions For The Aid Of Citizens), Milan, Italy
Tim Redfern, TN
Oscar Revilla Alguacil, Spain
Alan Riazi, CA
Gary Ribovic, organizer, Veterans For Constitutional Respect*, PA
Miriam Rice, NY
Tina Richards, CA
Ronald Richardson, IA
Ridge Orchards, MO
Katherine Riehlman, NY
Ron Rivera, SC
George Robbins, Prof of Social Science, Erie Community College*, NY
Bonnie Roberts, AL
M.v. Roberts, teacher, AB, Canada
Pat Robertson, Grievance Officer, BCCE, AFT Local 6192, Berk. Ca*, CA
Nancy Robinson, MS
Karl H Rodenberg, Germany
Hugo Rodriguez-Ramirez, PR, Puerto Rico
Lisa Rofel, professor, CA
Lilith Rogers, Dr., Stop The War Now, CA
Roberto Roibal, Southwest Organizing Project*, NM
Shelley Roitman, FL
Patty Roland-James, CA
June Roldan, FL
Lisa Rorh, CA
James Rosen, CA
Sonia Rosen, University Of Pennsylvania*, PA
Mimi Rosenberg, attorney, NY
Jacalyn Rosenberg/Engler, preschool teacher, No Bu**sh** Zone*, NC
Albert Rosenblatt, accountant, Government*, NY
Carolyn Rosenstein, L.A. Jews For Peace*, CA
Eric Ross, Visiting Professor of Antheropology, The George Washington University*, VA
Christine Rossetti-Taha, Switzerland
Marty Roth, Professor Emeritus, University Of Minnesota*, Canada
Angelica Rubio, CA
Lori Rudolph, professor, NMHU*, NM
Julie Rufo, Alameda Peace Network*, CA
Luc Ruidant, journalist, Belgium
Kathy Ruopp, IL
Andrew Russell, NY
John Ryan, retired professor and senior scholar, University Of Winnipeg*, MB, Canada
Christopher Rykiel, Bailout The People Movement, MD
Sandra Saberman, IL
Sarah Safford, teacher, Brooklyn School For Collaborative Studies*, NY
Prantik Saha, NY
Surjit Sahota, Indo-Canadian Rationalist Sociey, ON, Canada
Herbert Salit, CA
Margot Salom, social worker, Australia
Anne Salomon, PhD, University Of Montreal*, QC, Canada
Amy Samelson, CA
Mahvash Samiian, CA
A V Samikkannu, Tamilnadu Govt. Employees Association*, India
Val Sanfilippo, CA
Santa Cruz School For Tarot & Qabalah Study, CA
Marc Sapir, MD, MPH, CA
Albert Sargis, CA
Diana Savory, CT
Jaymie Sawyer, Ph.D., CA
Humaira Sayeed, business owner, NC
Erin Scarlett, WA
Mouna Schaheen, interpreter/translator, AZ
David Schanoes, NY
Madeline Schleimer, CA
Fred Schloessinger,  BC, Canada
Angelika Schneider
Kurt Schneiderman, Artistic Director, Subversive Theatre Collective*, NY
Ralph Schoenman, Taking Aim, WBAI*, CA
John Schoonover, retired, France
Birgit Clari Schuler, Italy
Peter Schuman, CA
Alison Schweichler, counselor, NY
Frank R. Scott, CA
Lawrence Scott, school psychologist, NY
Sharon Seabrook, CA
McCoy Sears, NY
Evalyn Segal, Professor Emerita, UUs For Justice In Middle East*, PA
Jeffrey Segal, Member Steering Committee, NLG Military Law Task Force*, KY
Jules Seigel, professor/retired, U. Of Rhode Island*, RI
Carole Seligman, elementary teacher, South San Francisco Classroom Teachers Association*, CA
Ashley Sells, TX
Emily Selwood, VA
Isabel De Sena, professor, Sarah Lawrence College*, NY
Solveig Senft, MA, artist and teacher, Germany
Debbie Sequichie-Kerchee, OK
Pilar Serrano Gallardo, professor, Puerta De Hierro Nursing School*, Spain
Edward Shaffer, Professor Emeritus, University Of Alberta*, BC, Canada
Kasraa Shamse, Dr, Australia
Diane Shaughnessy, WA
Roswitha Shaw, retired, ON, Canada
Jacob Sheatsley, AR
Carl Shechter, FL
Mickey Shell, MN
Tom Shields, NY
Rachel Shierling, WA
Dana Shirazi, CA
Sid Shniad, union researcher, Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union*, BC, Canada
Ali Shokouhbakhsh, college instructor, CA
Mya Shone, Taking Aim, WBAI*, CA
Nyunt Shwe, Master Student of Peace and Conflict study, Tokyo University Of Foreign Studies*, Japan
Bobbi Siegelbaum, NY
Robert Silverman, QC, Canada
Nadia Sindi, peace activist, AAI/ADC/AIUSA/CAIR/ACLU*, OR
Dennis Skaugrud, father, WA
Dana Slawson, CA
Jihad Smaili, attorney, Smaili Legal Services, CA
Angela Smith, National Coordinator, HEALl, WA
Edwina Smith, RN, VNV, VFP, Ana*, CA
Melinda Smith, NM
Eric Smoodin, professor, UC Davis*, CA
Ruth Soffer, NY
Maria Angela Soto, NY
Jane Spann, CA
Elaine Spiro, NY
Douglas Sptz and Nellie Sptz, Sr., IA
Joerg Stange, Editor, Society Of Operative Art*, Germany
Frank Starr, FL
Joshua Stein, CA
Marc Steinberg, QC, Canada
Susan Stephens-Bomgisnori, UNM*, NM
Justin Stepney, Destroyindustry*, NC
Ron Strand, BC, Canada
Chase Strangio, student, MA
Steven Strauss, M.D., Freedom Socialist Party*, MD
Thomas Stubbs, Professor of Art, LCAD, MTSAC*, CA
John Surdyk, IL
Sakae Suzuki, Tama Publishing Co.*, Japan
Patricia Swain, retired educator, NV
Robin Rae Swanson, HI
Mark Swinton, United Kingdom
Atamao B . T. Kane, President, Southpanafrican International SPI, Germany
Afsaneh Tabrizian, DC
Mana Tahaie, OK
Yuko Takei, ICTA/ICTI*, CA
Michael Tanzer, NY
Candace Taylor, OH
Scott Taylor, PA
The Most Rev. Filipe Teixeira, OFSJC, Diocesan Bishop, Diocese Saint Francis Of Assisi, CCA*, MA
Ladi Terry, IN
Terao Terumi, Professor Emeritus, Nagoya Institute of Technology* , Japan
Michael Tesoro, FL
Howard Tessler, ON, Canada
Pham Thai, NY
Jonas The Prophet, prophet of the most high god, Ha., CO
Mollie Thomas, AK
Jack Thornburgh, BC, Canada
Robert Thorne, Dr., NJ
Nell Thurlow, AB, Canada
Adam Tomasian, MA
Sharon Toosarvandani, RN, VA
Keiko Torao, Japan
Jany Treadwell,  Teamsters Local Union # 631*, NV
Elizabeth Trevena, Australia
Suzann Trout, retired teacher, AZ
Katherine Trowell, ON, Canada
Stella Trudel, care provider, VA
Burnis Tuck, retired, AFL-CIO AFGE Local 3172*, CA
J.D. Tulloch, MO
David Tungstein, NY
Doug Turnbull, Australia
Francine Tyler, NY
Barby Ulmer, co-director, Our Developing World*, CA
Cristina Usubiaga, MB, Canada
Dan Vachon, NH
Paloma Valverde, CEOSI, Spain
Barbara Van Davis, psychologist, IL
Mohammad Vasef, Associate Professor, University Of New Mexico*, NM
Michael Vaughan, GA
Ordell Vee, MN
Gary Via, systems engineer, VA
Annelies Visser, Berks Peace *, PA
Fredrica Wachsberger, retired, Brooklyn College*, NY
John M. Wages, Jr., MS
Rachael Walker, BSIS*, OH
Darlene Wallach, ISM, Free Gaza, Justice For Palestinians*, CA
Donna Wallach, Justice For Palestinians*, CA
Frank Walter, Professor Emeritus, OR
Anne Wangh, MA
Hugo Wanner, Brussels Tribunal*, Belgium
Sara Warner, teacher, Florida State University*, FL
Maria Watkins, CA
Olivia Watt, retired teacher, WILPF*, OR
Katrina Weaver, mother, Mothers Of The World*, CA
Janet Weil, CA
Lisa Weiner, VA
Bonnie Weinstein, Editorial Board Member, Socialist Viewpoint Magazine*,CA
Nat Weinstein, Editorial Board member, Socialist Viewpoint*, CA
Abraham Weizfeld, QC, Canada
Adrienne Weller, WA
Carolyn White, Australia
Lee Whiting, NYSUT*, NY
Sarah Whitman, Italy
Paul Wicker, CA
Keith Wicks, United Kingdom
Tobey Wiebe, instructor, French and ESL, retired, City College Of San Francisco*, CA
Doris S Wilk, NY
Richard Wilkinson, TX
Jack Francis Winn, storyteller, 1 % A Peace Army*, MA
Kenneth Winston, Media Tools For Change*, CA
Sherry Wolf, author, Sexuality and Socialism, ISO*, IL
Naomi Wolinsky, CO
Brian Wood, ON, Canada
Gordon Wood, artist, WA
Julie Wornan, France
Louisa Worrell, ON, Canada
Matthew Wright, Research Director, Create, UC Santa Barbara*, CA
Chris Wrinn, CT
Rosemary Yaecker, VT
Tamar Yaron, Encounter-emem For International Israel-palestine Peace Activities*, Israel
Diane Yates, WA
Abdelkarim Yepez, Student, URP*, Peru
Margaret Yonco-Haines, NY
Nora York, NY
Maryann Young, NY
Khodr Zaarour, professor, MAPAC*, NC
Reza Zadeh, CA
Fern Zelkowitz-Campagnoli, teacher, ME
Monireh Ziaei, Australia
Lana Zinger, Professor, Queensborough Community College*, NY
Bahaadur Abdulahad, Leader, Muslims United For Justice & Peace Worldwide, SC
Elizabeth Akins, MO
Iris Biblowitz, RN, CA
Bama Brand, organizer, Cincinnati Palestinian Rights Meetup, OH
Daniel Brenner, Teacher, NY
Peter Cohen, author,*, CA
José Luis Diaz Juan, Presidente, Casa Las Américas, Puerto Rico
Bernadette Garcia, NM
Naomi Imbrogno, Special Education Teacher, NY
Robert Kirkconnell, President, Veterans for Peace, Crestline Chapter, Academics For Justice, Veterans For Peace, CA
Frank Krasnowsky, Yiddish Singer/translator*, OR
Barry Latham-Ponneck, CA
André Levy, Biologist, ISPA*, Portugal
Richard-Olivier Marius, College student, City College Of New York, CCNY*, NY
Tom Massoumi, Enineer, Unison*, United Kingdom
Kathryn McGlynn, Psychotherapist, NM
Mallory Musser, WA
Gina Palmer , OH
Syedmahamad Pasha, CONVENER, Indo-Arab Friendship Society, India
Ann Rovere-Levitin, CA
Carole Seligman, teacher, antiwar activist, South San Francisco Classroom Teachers Association*, CA
Edward Shaffer, Professor Emeritus, University Of Alberta*, BC, Canada
Julie Starobin, CA
Greg Starr, Jews For A Just Peace*, BC, Canada
Roger Stoll, teacher, CA
Sharon Toosarvandani, Registered Nurse, VA
Voluntary Action Network Iraq, Switzerland
Lavelle Waters, CA
Carolyn Whiting, MA
Robin Yaffe Tschumper, Dr., MN

*= for identification only


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