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Solidarity with Palestine

Nov 12, 2009

Wesam Ahmad, program officer from Al Haq—an independent legal and human rights organization based in Ramallah—addressed a packed meeting at the Solidarity Center here on Nov. 4. The meeting was co-sponsored by Al-Awda New York, Palestine Right to Return Coalition; International Action Center; Nord Sud XXI; and the U.S. Palestine Community Network, New York Chapter. The meeting was co-chaired by Lamis Deek of Al-Awda and Sara Flounders from the IAC.

Along with the sponsoring organizations, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Arab Muslim American Federation; American Muslims for Palestine; Peoples Organization for Progress; Neturei Karta; FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together); Workers World Party; International League of People’s Struggles; Picture the Homeless; Bail Out the People Movement; Peoples Video Network; along with many Palestine solidarity activists.

Wesam Ahmad was part of a delegation from Al Haq that attended the United Nations General Assembly discussion on the findings of the Goldstone Report. The report details war crimes and crimes against humanity by Israel, the occupying power, and allegedly by Palestine, the occupied nation.

Al Haq came to New York to advocate for the U.N. General Assembly to fully endorse the Goldstone Report. This is a crucial step that may possibly lead to prosecution of Israeli perpetrators before the International Criminal Court.


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