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Judge Albert Sabo was overheard by court reporter Terri-Maurer-Carter to say, “Yeah, and I’m going to help them fry the N - - - - -!” (racist slur)

PA Gov Ed. Rendel targeted Mumia and MOVE;
Stated he wants to sign the execution warrant

This man, Arnold Beverly has confessed.
Why won’t the court let him testify?

Former PA Gov. Tom Ridge had Mumia’s confidencial legal mail opened and tried to execute him. Ridge backed down under enormous support from people like you

Judge Paula Dembe

• Says no racism in Judge Sabo’s rullings

• Cancels Feb 11 hearing on testimony of innocence

Feb 11

Come to a press conference and a hearing

The People’s Court in Philadelphia

Let the evidence be heard and you be the judge!

Hear what the unfair and unbalanced courts and news media don’t want you to hear

• People demand to know why the Feb 11 hearing was canceled 

• Why isn’t there a hearing with Mumia present?

Why is the evidence of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s innocence that would lead to his immediate release being suppressed

10am Meet at AFSC 15th & Cherry St.

11am March to the Criminal Justice Bldg. 13 & Filbert St

       1:30 -5pm People’s hearing on Mumia’s innocence-AFSE

NYC transportation info for Philadelphia—

Departure from 14th St. & 6th Ave., call the International Action Center 212-633-6646

Departure from 33rd St. and 8th Ave., call the Mumia NYC hotline 212-330-8029

Co-sponsored by International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the Free Mumia National Task Force

Friday, February 11th 2005 7pm AFSC 1501 cherry st.
come for the demonstration. stay for the Benefit for Mumia

Ursula Rucker
world renound philly spoken-word artist

Immortal Technique
n.y.c.'s famed conscious hip-hop artist

Immesiah Soul
n.y.c.'s prophetic neo-soul singer

Daughters of the Diaspora
philly's righteous spoken-word duo

Broadcast Live
albany, ny's rebel poetic hip-hop rock band

the Seeds of Wisdom
revolutionary hip-hop from MOVE

Cost: $8-15 sliding scale. show starts 7pm sharp. all proceeds will go to
the International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal more info:

OnaMOVE! As we approach one week from the Feb. 11th mass demo for Mumia support continues to grow! Below you will see the updated list of endorsers of the event.


Endorsers For Feb. 11th

Angela Davis
The MOVE Organization
Justice for Palestinians, San Jose, CA
The Peace and Justice Foundation, Silver Spring, MD
William Mandel, Oakland, California
Latin@s por Mumia
NYC Jericho Movement
Socialist Action
The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Bay Area Progressive Forum
Battle Cry Of Innocence
Asha Bandele
Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor
Pan-African News Wire
Bro. Jahfree I and Sis. Marpessa Kupendua, Afrikan Frontline Network
Bruce Allen Vice-President Canadian Autoworkers Local 199/Angola 3 Support Committee
Undifinable Rekerds
Jill McCorkel, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
the Karade Institute Denver, Colorado
Dacajeweiah/Splitting the Sky. former political prisoner, Attica
The Human Rights Coalition
AWOL Magazine/Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
David Wong Support Committee
Asians For Mumia
Youth for Socialist Action
People United for Children
The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement
One People's Project
Noelle Hanrahan, Prison Radio/Redwood Justice Fund
Kwame Baba Ahmed
Mel Mason, President Monterey Peninsula (Calif.) Branch of the NAACP
Refuse and Resist
Kathleen Cleaver
Ewuare Osayande, Poet and Director of POWER
ChiRevNet (Chicago Revolutionary Network)
Sewa Everett
Connie Hogarth, Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action, Manhattanville College
Amina Baraka
Amiri Baraka
NYC Councilman Charles Barron
The African American Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and Aaron Patterson
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
National Jericho Movement
December 12th Movement
Patrice Lumumba Coalition
Elombe Brath
Philadelphia Socialist Workers Party
International Action Center
Rainbow Flags for Mumia
Ngoma - Cultural Activist/ Performance Poet/Multi-Instrumentalist/Paradigm Shifter
Kiilu Nyasha San Francisco
Bay Area Jericho
Jane Jackson, Gray Panthers of Greater Oakland.
The Talking Drum Collective
Ewuare Osayande, Poet and Director of POWER
San Francisco Bay View newspaper
Chicago Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Kwaku Bandele
Mark Lewis Taylor, Princeton Theological Seminary
Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Keita Olugbala
Sewa Everett
Sandra-Juanita--member of campaign to end death penalty, Bayview Chapter, San Francisco, CA
Idriss Stellely Foundation --San Francisco
Dennis Brutus
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Global Women’s Strike
Ricardo Alvarez, MD
Malcom X Grassroots Movement
New Afrikan Peoples Org
Ahmed Obafemi

We demand that Judge Dembe let the truth be heard. Call her to demand that Mumia’s hearing be reinstated, with him present, and the evidence be heard so that Mumia will be released! Judge Pamela Dembe: phone 215-683-7148 fax 215-683-7150

Friday February 11th, 2005-- Mass Demonstration in Philadelphia! 10 am Meet at AFSC (15th and Cherry Sts, Philadelphia) 11 am March to the Criminal Justice Building to rally (13th and Filbert) 1:30 - 5 pm People's Hearing on Mumia's Case 7 - 10 pm Cultural Event/Fundraiser at AFSC (15th and Cherry Sts)

Now, less then two weeks from the Feb. 11th mass demo in support of US death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal momentum is moving at a rapid rate. People around the globe are working to keep the pressure on this government to do justice. Angela Davis is currently touring the country calling for all those who are able, to be in Philly on Feb. 11th. The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the battle for justice, is a struggle that all of those who wish for a better world must join. This battle is one that our very freedom, our very lives rests upon. There are few cases in history which bring so many together, unify so many issues that many would separate. This case crystallizes the problems with this system of injustice, with the war industry, the death penalty, police brutality and censorship. From death row Mumia writes about people's struggle world wide, the strength of women, the necessity to fight for the environment and brings all of this together into one fight; the fight for freedom.

Behind all of this is a man who has remained steadfast, uncompromising and righteous from Pennsylvania's death row for 23 years. A man who never writes of himself, rarily speaks of himself but only of what touches us all. Mumia is a beautiful person, father, grandfather, teacher, amazing writer, political prisoner, MOVE supporter, honorary citizen of Paris, France and much more.

But this is not just about Mumia, this is about you, this is about me, this is about a government so hell bent on greed and corruption that it would be willing (and take pleasure in) murdering Mumia, Shaka Sankofa, thousands of Iraquis, Zapatistas, Muslims, imprison the MOVE 9, Leonard Peltier, stoop to any level to continue the treachery it is pushing. This is the most pivitol point in the fight to save this man, save yourself, fight for your freedom, let this government and the world know that we will fight AND WE WILL WIN! Mumia must be released, the war must be stopped. Another world is not only possible it is necessary.



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