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Support Lucasville Prisoners Hunger Strike!

VICTORY! The Lucasville hunger strike is over because all of the hunger strikers' immediate demands have been met. Friends and relatives can kiss, hold hands with and feed their dearly beloved incarcerated loved ones. Deepest thanks is extended to all who signed the petition. Please stay connected for the next phase of the struggle to overturn their unjust convictions.

posted January 3, 2011

Support Lucasville Hunger Strikers! Campaign

Sponsored by:
International Action Center
c/o Solidarity Center
55 West 17th St 5C
New York, NY 10011
For further information call: (212) 633-6646


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UPDATED Jan 3, 2011 3:49 PM
International Action Center • Solidarity Center • 147 W. 24th St., FL 2 • New York, NY 10011
Phone 212.633.6646 • E-mail: • En Español: