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May 1 Coalition Stop ICE Raids NOW! Campaign


Please join the MAY 1 COALITION's online campaign to STOP THE ICE RAIDS NOW!
Tell Secretary Chertoff:
This Valentine's Day, Give the Gift of Love to the Children. STOP THE RAIDS!
As a country that claims to defend human rights in the U.S. and around the world and to value the integrity of the family, our government should:

  • Ensure the human rights of all people and that immigrant families are not broken apart
  • Stop breaking the civil rights of immigrants to enforce immigration laws
  • No one should be awakened by armed squads bursting into their homes in the dead of night with shotguns and automatic weapons drawn taking away parents and relatives leaving children alone.
  • No child should be abandoned because ICE took their parent while at work
  • Let local authorities enforce local criminal laws
We have to speak up because if it were happening to us we would want others to speak out
Left without her father as he was taken away in the raids on September 24 in Long Island. Crying and hugging her father begging immigration police: "Do not brake the arm of my father, do not take him away." She still asks her mother when her father will come back.

Diga a Michael Chertoff, Secretario de Seguridad Nacional:
Este Dia Del Amor y la Amistad, Dele un regalo de amor a los ninos
Pare las Redadas contra los Inmigrantes

Como un pais que promueve y defiende los direchos humanos en los Estados Unidos y en todo el mundo, y que valora la integridad de la familia, nuestro govierno deba:

  • Asegurar los Derechos Humanos de nuestro pueblo, y que las familias inmigrantes no sean separadas
  • Parar la violacion de los derechos civiles, para enforzar las leyes de inmigracion
  • Dejar que las autoridades locales enforcen las leyes criminales
  • A nadie se le deberia interrumpir sus horas de sueno por escuadrones armados entrando violentamente en la obscuridad de la madrugada, portando y apuntando armas de fuego y asalto, para llevarse a familiares y padres de muchos ninos, sin importar que estos quedan solos
  • Ningun nino deberia quedar en el abandono porque inmigracion se llevo a sus padres mientras trabajaban.
Tenemos que hablar, porque si nos pasara a nosotros, nos gustaria que otros hablaran tambien
Para mas informacion sobre la campana "Alto a las radadas", contact: May 1 Coalition /

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To: Michael Chertoff, Chief, Homeland Security cc: President Bush, Congressional leaders, and members of the media

Dear Michael Chertoff, Chief, Homeland Security

We ask you in the name of decency to stop the ICE raids in the homes and workplaces of the immigrant community. No family should have to endure armed squads bursting into their homes with shotguns and automatic weapons drawn. One's home should be a place of security and peace. Children should not be left alone or have to lose their parents through raids at their work, resulting in depression, traumatic stress disorder and separation anxiety. Children should live with love and joy. This is what America stands for.

This Valentine's Day, have a heart and STOP THE RAIDS!

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posted February 13, 2008

Stop the ICE Raids! Campaign

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For further information call: (646) 291-2778 or (212) 633-6646



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