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Jan 22-31 Solidarity with Venezuela Actions Planned Throughout US and Internationally



Events to be held in Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Durham, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia, Tucson, Sydney & Vancouver



The People of the U.S. declare “WE ARE ALL CHAVEZ”


Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets on January 10 throughout Venezuela to show their support for legally elected President Hugo Chavez as well as for the Bolivarian Revolution.


The right-wing oligarchy along with Washington is nonetheless using the excuse of Presidents Chavez health situation to demonize his administration and the movement for self-determination and freedom from oppression it represents.


In the U.S., the solidarity and progressive movement will organize National Days of Solidarity With Venezuela to send messages of good wishes to President Chavez and to let the people of Venezuela, especially the poor and working people who most benefit from the Bolivarian Revolution know that we will not allow the Obama administration to intervene in Venezuela.


Get involved, join the week of National Days of Solidarity with Venezuela by contacting the cities below. If you are in a city where no action is taking place, organize one! Or call, fax, email the White House and voice your opposition to intervention. Let us know your plans at the numbers and email addresses below.


Chavez si, Emperio No!


Atlanta, Ga
Film Showing.  For details: or call 404-627-0185



Tuesday, January 22

5:00 PM 

Venezuelan Consulate

545 Boylston St (across from Copley Square)
Sponsored by Boston Bolivarians, International Action Center, Proyecto Hondure
ño, Chelsea Uniting Against the War, Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front

For more information: Boston Bolivarians 508-577-4661


Buffalo, NY

Saturday, January 26

1:00 PM 
Endorsed by Burning Books, International Action Center, and Latin American Solidarity Committee



Event Being Planned

Contact    (773) 376-7521 


Detroit, MI
Thursday, Jan. 31
Night of Solidarity with Venezuela & the Bolivarian Revolution
Special Guest Speaker: Venezuelan Consul General Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza
Garage Cultural Center of Art & Creativity
3439 Livernois Ave.
For more info: 313 – 680 - 5508




Solidaridad con Venezuela! Film Screening of The Revolution Won't Be Televised SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 @ 6pm at the Durham Solidarity Center (331 W. Main Street, Durham)

Join us in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution for an afternoon of Venezuelan food and a screening of "The Revolution Won't Be Televised," a documentary on the revolutionary process the Venezuelan people have begun under the leadership of Hugo Chavez.

The food will be potluck-style - so please look up a Venezuelan recipe and try it out for yourself!

Why does Venezuela need our support now?

Like many nations which pursue and independent path of development and make the people's needs a priority, Venezuela faces constant pressure from the imperialist nations - including constant demonization of Hugo Chavez, economic sanctions and a 2002 U.S.-backed coup attempt which was defeated by a mass outpouring of support for Chavez.

We have seen an increase in these attacks in the media over the course of Hugo Chavez's treatment for cancer. Despite opportunistic attempts by Venezuela's oligarchy to take advantage of his illness, Chavez was democratically reelected. Chavez has the most popular support of any president in the Western Hemisphere, winning the recent 2012 with overwhelming majority vote.

Since Chavez's election in 1998, there has been a 21% reduction of poverty rates. Illiteracy has been abolished. For the first time free healthcare has been provided for the poor. It is up to us, the people of the United States and the world, to push back against this barrage of propaganda against Chavez. Now is the time to show our support for the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan People!

Los Angeles

Thursday, Jan. 24th

12 Noon
Press Conference/Rally

Downtown Federal Building - 300 N. Los Angeles St.

Contact: Harriet Tubman Social Justice Center (323) 306-6240


Milwaukee, WI

Monday, Jan. 28

7 pm

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee UWM Union, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., room tba.

A showing of the film The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and a discussion to follow, including plans for a tour to Venezuela where you can see the revolution and what it means to the people of Venezuela for yourself.

For more information, contact 414-447-8369,


New York City

Wednesday, Jan. 23

11-1 pm Yo Soy Chavez Rally at the Venezuelan Consulate

Wear Red

51st St between 5th Ave & Madison in Manhattan

For more info: 212-633-6646


Philadelphia, PA

Tuesday, Jan. 29

Forum in solidarity with Chavez & the Bolivarian Revolution
IAC, Tony Montiero, activist, MOVE & others
Calvary Church
Call Berta Joubert Ceci 267-257-7742


Tucson, AZ
Venezuela: Truth and Lies
Friday January 25 

6:00-8:00 pm
Jon Miles/George Petit Room
Pima County Housing Office
801 W Congress, Tucson
For more info: 

Alliance for Global Justice is responding to the Call for Emergency National Days Actions for Venezuela, Jan. 20-26 by organizing this teach-in and dialogue on Friday, Jan. 25. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ health crisis, which prevented him from attending his own inauguration on Jan. 10, has brought forth a flood of lies and misinformation from right wing opponents to the incredible changes won by Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution under his presidency. The US media propagates the most incredible distortions of the situation in Venezuela, and right-wing Venezuelans in the US have called for demonstrations on Jan. 22 calling for US intervention.

So what are the facts and what are the lies concerning Venezuela? AfGJ Venezuela experts James Jordan and Chuck Kaufman will lead off a discussion on Jan. 25. Bring your own questions and opinions and let’s have a lively two hour discussion of the Venezuelan reality, what advances in Venezuela would benefit us in the US, and what we can do to support the Venezuelan people and oppose US.



For more info or to list your event call or visit the Alliance for Global Justice at 202-544-9355x1 or the IAC at 212-633.6646 or visit or www.afgj.orgor email or

This listing will be updated and posted at

International Solidarityy

Sydney public meeting with special guest from Venezuela


speaking on

Chavez and the future of Venezuelan eco-socialism

Miguel Angel Nuñez is a co-founder, member and researcher at the Instituto para la Producción e Investigación de la Agricultura Tropical (Institute for Production and Research on Tropical Agriculture). He is a former coordinator of the Latin American Agroecological Movement and has been working with small-scale, family farmers at the grassroots level for more than 30 years. Nuñez is a professor of Agroecology and Tropical Agriculture at several Venezuelan universities and has been an advisor on agro-environmental issues to the Venezuelan Presidential Office since 2004.

Wednesday, January 30th

Resistance Centre, 22 Mountain St, Ultimo
Hosted by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network and Latin America Social Forum
For more information, phone Fred on 0412 556 527 or (02) 8070 9331

Vancouver, BC, Canada
“We Are All Chávez!”

(1) Saturday January 26
Solidarity in the Street
 12 – 3pm
 Vancouver Art Gallery
 Robson at Howe Street, Downtown Vancouver, Canada
 A day of street campaigning and event in solidarity with the
 Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and President Hugo Chávez.
 (2) Tuesday January 29
 Free Public Forum
 Britannia Community Center
 1661 Napier Street at Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada
Multimedia, speakers and discussion  “Revolution and Counter Revolution in Venezuela: Victorious  Re-election of President Hugo Chávez and the Response of the Right-Wing Opposition!”
 Speaker: Merli Vanegas, Consul General of the Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Vancouver

See event poster at:

Organized by Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) Endorsed by Free the Cuban 5 Committee – Vancouver With the support of the Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Vancouver

For more info:


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