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Venezuela's Presidential Election Results Update

An honest outcome in Venezuela, But what about here?

By Antonio Mugica, CEO, Smartmatic - 10/18/12 04:00 PM ET

It was a result that might predictably raise skeptical eyebrows among many Americans. The recent reelection of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez came amidst a polarized political atmosphere and resulted in a victory for a man whose relationship with the United States has been contentious, to say the least.

Americans need only remember their own systemic misadventures in Florida in 2000 to reflect on how vulnerable the election process can be to either intentional manipulation or chaotic breakdown.

Well, the good news is that technology has steadily advanced in recent years to a point where, no matter how passionate the partisanship, the safeguards are readily available to ensure honest reports anywhere and everywhere. The Venezuelan election is a superb case in point and there is much that can and should be learned from the solutions that were in place there. Read More


Getting Elections Right in Venezuela and the US

A Fully Transparent System: Investing in Democracy in Venezuela


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