Independent Commission of Inquiry to Investigate U.S./NATO War Crimes Against the People of Yugoslavia

Selected Research Findings

Table of Contents

Summary of research

Scope of the Inquiry

1. NATO Occupation of Kosovo: Brian Becker

2. NATO’s Sponsorship of Kosovo Liberation Army: Keith Pavlic

3. U.S. Conspiracy to Overthrow Yugoslav Government: Sara Catalinotto

4. Damage to Civilian Infrastructure: Lois Singer

5. Destruction to the Environment: Sergei Alschen

6. Damage to Agriculture: Deirdre Sinnott

7. Destruction of Educational Facilities: Malcolm Cannon

8. Damage to Civilian Health: Sharon Eolis

9. Destruction of Cultural and Historical Sites: Nina Posidelow and Athanasia Mantzouranis

10. Destruction of the Yugoslav Media: Carol Holland

11. Use of Illegal Weapons: Benno Aichele and Andrew Nye

12. Assassination Attempts and Other Attacks on Yugoslav Leaders: Leonard Sanford and Forrest Schmidt

13. U.S. Military Spending: Ellen Catalinotto and Nancy Mitchell

14. Violation of International and Domestic Laws and Conventions: Milos Petrovic

15. Economic Motivation for the U.S./NATO War Against Yugoslavia: Gail Mansouri

16. Future Plans for Dismemberment: Joseph Yuskaitis

17. Economic Provisions of Rambouillet: John Caruso

18. Selective Reconstruction: Robert Cantley

19. Damage to the Yugoslav Army: Sergei Alschen

20. Dismemberment of Yugoslavia: The Case of Kosovo: John Catalinotto

21. Is the International Court of Justice Just? James Pione

22. The Rambouillet Accord: Pretext for a War of Aggression: Richard Becker

23. The Forced Migration of Serbs and the Dismemberment of Yugoslavia: Branka Al-Hamdy

24. Demonization of Serbs in the Media Rados Piletic

25. Civilian Casualties of NATO's War on Yugoslavia: Vivian Martin


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