Commission of Inquiry to Investigate U.S./NATO War Crimes Against Yugoslavia


Saturday, July 31, 10 am to 6 pm

Fashion Institute of Technology (27th St. and 8th Ave.), NYC

On Saturday, July 31, the Commission of Inquiry to Investigate U.S./NATO War Crimes Against Yugoslavia will hold a meeting in New York City. Initiated by the International Action Center and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, this meeting will include the reading of a multi-count indictment written by Clark accusing Bill Clinton, General Wesley Clark, and others with war crimes against Yugoslavia.

Clark and other expert witnesses will present testimony based on the collective work of a team of researchers investigating War Crimes, Crimes Against Peace, and Crimes Against Humanity committed by the U.S., England, Germany, and other NATO countries.

Speakers representing a number of international struggles against imperialism will be traveling to New York for the meeting. Felix Wilson from the Cuba Interest Section will be coming from Washington DC. Maude Le Blanc, from Haiti Progres will speak about the true nature of an occupying force. Ismael Guadalupe will be traveling from Puerto Rico to represent the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Puerto Rico, a group leading the struggle to demand the ouster of the U.S. Navy from Puerto Rico.

King Downing, an African American lawyer, will speak about the effect of the war on oppressed communities in the U.S. Shani Rafati, a Roma activist from Kosovo whose family was in Pristina during the bombing, will speak about the many nationalities of the region, and Frank Kovac will describe conditions of the Hungarian minority in multi-ethnic Yugoslavia.

Monica Moorehead, an organizer of the Mumia September Awareness Week, and Gloria Rubec, from the Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty, will speak about the crimes of the U.S. government against the people here. John Kim, who is a Korean veteran, the President of Veterans for Peace in New York and an attorney in New York City, will speak. And Roland Keith, an OSCE monitor in Kosovo, will testify on the role of the KLA.

Other speakers include economist and author Prof. Michel Chossudovsky from Toronto; author Michael Parenti will discuss the role of the media along with Karen Talbot and Herb Foerstel; Gloria La Riva from the International Action Center, who traveled to Yugoslavia twice during the bombing; Michel Collon from the Belgium Workers Party; and David Jacobs, a lawyers from Canada involved in bringing an indictment against the Canadian government and other NATO countries.

The hearing will also examine the past U.S. patterns of criminal behavior. This panel will include Iraqis, Sudanese, Haitians, Kurds, and more. Also speaking will be members of the research committee, who, along with a number of the speakers, will be presenting the findings of the Commission of Inquiry. The meeting will include a multi-media presentation of video and slides taken in Yugoslavia, showing the effect of the bombing campaign.

Sara Flounders, an organizer of the Commission of Inquiry, said, "We are not simply trying to reveal the truth about U.S./NATO war crimes before, during, and after the war. We are also trying to educate and mobilize broad public opinion to oppose imperialism. The war is not over. The U.S./NATO occupation of Kosovo and the cessation of the bombing campaign is not, in our opinion, a sign that peace has arrived in the Balkans. The U.S. goal is to destroy all of Yugoslavia and to continue its march through Central and Eastern Europe, into the Caucuses, and into the former southern republics of the Soviet Union."

Activists from around the country are expected to attend the July 31st event. They will then organize local hearings to collect evidence of U.S./NATO war crimes. Hearings are expected in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, NATO countries, Russia, Yugoslavia, and many other cities.

The Commission of Inquiry to Investigate U.S./NATO War Crimes Against Yugoslavia will be meeting on Saturday, July 31 at the Fashion Institute of Technology (27th St. and 8th Ave.), in Dubinsky Hall from 10 am to 6 pm. For a detailed schedule, see the International Action Center web page at or call 212-633-6646.


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