Saturday, June 10 , 2000–

A public meeting to launch a worldwide movement to abolish NATO

FOLLOWING: Featured speakers and schedule for day

11 am sharp to 7 pm

Doors open 10 am: slides, video Martin Luther King HS Auditorium (W. 65th St. & Amsterdam, Manhattan, NYC) donation requested

On June 10, 2000, the International Action Center is holding a day-long International Tribunal on U.S./NATO War Crimes Against Yugoslavia. This is the one-year anniversary of NATO's occupation of Kosovo. The initial hearing last July 31 in NY was followed by similar hearings in a dozen U.S. cities and in Belgrade, Buenas Aires, Oslo, Novi Sad, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Moscow, Kiev, Sydney, and Tokyo. At a mass peoples tribunal in Athens last fall, 10,000 people found Clinton guilty of war crimes.

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark will prosecute U.S. and NATO leaders for 19 charges of war crimes, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity. International expert witnesses will present testimony. A distinguished international panel of judges will hear the case.

Come and be part of this historic event.

FEATURING INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES FROM 15 COUNTRIES, including: Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Prof. Michel Chossudofsky, economist and author; Margarita Papandreou, former first lady of Greece; Pat Chin, journalist; Ismael Guadalupe, leader of the movement to get the U.S. Navy out of Vieques, Puerto Rico; Former Admiral Elmar Schmaehling, leading spokesperson for German movement; Michel Collon, Belgian journalist, anti-war activist, author about NATO aggression in the Balkans; Sara Flounders and Brian Becker, Co-Directors, International Action Center; Gloria La Riva and Richard Becker, West Coast Regional Co- Directors, International Action Center; Shani Rifati, Voices of Roma; Mikhail I. Kuznetzov, president of the Russian/Slavic War Crimes Tribunal against NATO; Roland Keith, Canadian officer attached to the Observer Group in Kosovo in 1998-1999; Jorge Farinacci, Puerto Rican Socialist Front; Monica Moorehead, Millions for Mumia; Prof. George Wright, author; Janet Eaton, biologist and encironment expert, Canada; Angeles Maestro Martin, member of the Spanish Parliament; Raniero La Valle, Italian religious anti-war leader, former MP; Charles Pascal Tolno, president of the African Association of Writers from Guinea (Conakry); Gilles Troude, an editor of Balkans-Info, Paris, France; Ben Dupuy, former Haitian ambassador at large during the Aristide administration; Olga Mejia, former director of Panamanian Human Rights Commission;

SCHEDULE FOR JUNE 10: 10 am: Doors open: food, displays, video
11 am sharp: Opening remarks by Ramsey Clark and others
11:30 am to 2 pm: Plenary sessions on Crimes against peace, Crimes against humanity & War Crimes
2 to 2:30 pm: Break for lunch (food available at hall)
2:30 to 4 pm: Panel discussions: (1) The Role of the Media, (2) Current conditions in Kosovo, (3) Building a world movement to abolish NATO, (4) Legal issues, (5) Planning and preparation for war
4 to 5:30 pm: Plenary: including Ramsey Clark and the worldwide initiative to abolish NATO
5:30 to 6:15 pm: Reports from hearings around the world
6:15 to 7 pm: Judges render verdict

International Tribunal on U.S./NATO War Crimes in Yugoslavia c/o International Action Center

International Action Center
39 West 14th Street, Room 206
New York, NY 10011
phone: 212 633-6646
fax: 12 633-2889


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