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New York City: Join the INTERNATIONAL WORKING WOMEN'S DAY COALITION for three events in March

Download pdf leaflet for MARCH 24, 2013, Harriet Tubman Tribute

Download pdf leaflet for 2013 IWWD events:

in Spanish (in color)

in Spanish (black and white for copying)

in English (in color)

in English (black and white for copying)

Download pdf leaflet for March 16, 2013, at Boys and Girls High School

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International Working Women’s Day Coalition

Invites you to join us

11:30 am   Speak Out & Vigil

@ the Triangle Shirtwaist Memorial

where in 1911 women workers died in a  factory fire

23-29 Washington Pl.   (n/r to 8th St. or a/b/c/d/e/f/m to W. 4th St)

1 pm March & Rally

Our contingent will join WORD’s event

in Washington Sq. Park

Every issue is a woman’s issue

Two Events will Celebrate the Life of Harriet Tubman

A Freedom Fighter

on the Centennial of Her March 10 Death:

Sat., MARCH 16  1- 4 pm

Readings • art work • poetry • videos & communal meal

Boys and Girls High School

1700 Fulton St. (btwn Schenectady & Stuyvesant Ave. A/C to Utica)

Co-sponsored by the CARE Center
Download pdf leaflet for March 16

Sun.,  March 24  3 PM 

Vignettes •  art work & more

Bronx Art Space Gallery

305 E 140 St. @ Alexander Ave., Bronx

Sponsored by Women Workers for Peace & La Peña del Bronx 


For more information on these events,
contact the: International Working Women’s Day Coalition at

Women in the U.S. will continue to be in the forefront of many battles — opposing U.S. wars and occupations while demanding funding for human needs, defending collective bargaining in their unions, demanding wages that allow their families to keep up with the cost of living, stopping foreclosures so they can stay in their homes, demanding contraceptives and other free preventive health care, and fighting for basic rights to affordable education, quality health care and housing, and good-paying jobs. Women in public sector jobs — who are a majority women of color — are coming under heavy fire now as they defend their right to belong to unions. And they are rising to the challenge. Immigrant women are blazing ahead despite obstacles and organizing new unions for domestic workers. On International Working Women’s Day 2013, we remember the women garment workers in New York City who marched for better working and living conditions on March 8, 1908, and the socialist women who founded IWWD in 1910 in their honor.


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