Stop Racist Terror from Staten Island to Missouri to Gaza

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The whole world has seen Eric Garner being choked to death by cop Daniel Pantaleo in Staten Island.

Twenty years before, 29 year-old Anthony Baez was strangled by police officer Francis Livoti in the Bronx.

Michael Brown was executed in broad daylight by Ferguson, Missouri cop Darren Wilson.

While U.S. cops murder Black, Latina/o, Asian and poor people, Israel just killed over 400 Palestinian children in Gaza.

Schools are being closed here and it’s claimed there’s no money for summer jobs. But the U.S gives at least $3 billion a year to Israel, where African immigrants are beaten by racist mobs.

Over 2.4 million people, most of whom are Black and Brown, are locked-up in jails across the country.Prisons are concentration camps for the poor.

But the world’s biggest prison is Gaza. Over 1.8 million Palestinian people are locked-up there by the apartheid state of Israel.

Millions of people here have had their homes foreclosed by the banks and just as many have been evicted. After bombing Gaza for weeks, killing thousands, Israel refuses to let people buy concrete to rebuild their homes.

The real terrorists

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just led a delegation of politicians to Israel. They refused to go the occupied territories where Palestinian people live.

Cuomo refuses to go to the Bronx to visit the family of Ramarley Graham, who was killed in his own bathroom by policeman Richard Haste. Andy Cuomo’s father built more prisons than any other Governor in New York history.

After assassinating Michael Brown, Ferguson’s police are trying to smear his memory. The Palestinian people have been smeared for decades by the media.

The real terrorists in the United States are the cops who brutalize, frame-up and murder people. The Pentagon has killed millions around the globe, from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq.

Israel is a terrorist state. It supplied apartheid South Africa with the weapons to shoot Black people.

Black people were evicted from their land in South Africa and confined to 13% of the country.  Palestinians were driven from their villages by massacres by Zionists, like the one in Deir Yassin on April 9, 1948. Bodies of women and children were stuffed down wells.

Millions of Palestinians are now forced to live in refugee camps around the world. They have the human right to return to their homeland.

Black and Brown people in the United States are righteously fighting for freedom and justice. So are the Palestinian people.

Where people are occupied, resistance is justified!