Killer cop charged in murder of Sam Dubose in Cincinnati

By Kris Hamel

August 6, 2015

<small><b>Samuel Dubose</b></small>

Samuel Dubose

The terrifying video of an African-American motorist’s life being snuffed out by a white racist cop, University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, has been seen by millions of people worldwide.

Samuel Dubose, 43, was shot once in the head during a July 19 traffic stop that Tensing quickly escalated until it was out of control. The cop’s body video camera recorded the deadly shooting, which took place less than two minutes after Tensing approached Dubose’s vehicle allegedly for not having a front license plate.

Hamilton County (Ohio) Prosecutor Joseph Deters announced a murder charge against Tensing at a news conference July 29 after a 12-person grand jury had reviewed the available evidence.

“He purposefully killed [Dubose],” charged Deters, who also called the officer’s shooting of Dubose “totally unwarranted,” “senseless” and “an absolute tragedy.” (, July 30)

However, charges will not be brought against the two other cops who engaged in a coverup with Tensing of what happened at the scene. All three cops maintained at the murder scene that Tensing was being dragged by Dubose’s vehicle. The video proves that assertion is an outright lie.

Despite the evidence, the grand jury did not indict the other two police officers. Deters explained the cops’ lies this way: “These officers were totally cooperative in the investigation and consistent in their statements. There was some confusion over the way the initial incident report was drafted, but that was not a sworn statement by the officers and merely a short summary of information.” (, July 31)

<small><b>Cincinnati protest.</b></small>

Cincinnati protest.

In jail on a $1 million bond, Tensing spent only 27 hours there, in a protective unit, before his father reportedly posted $100,085 for his release on July 30. (­, July 30)

While this killer cop walks freely until his murder trial, African Americans, Latinos and Latinas, and Indigenous peoples across the United States face constant danger and death at the hands of racist killer cops and jailers.

A vigilant struggle will help achieve a guilty verdict and prison time for killer cop Ray Tensing.

Justice for Sam Dubose!