Stop Execution of Egypt’s Morsi: Press Conf

*Press conference condemning the execution of Egypt’s only legitimate president, Mohamed Morsi and the execution of democracy in Egypt.*


*Media Contacts:*


*Mohamed Ismail* 706-218-1638 <tel:706-218-1638>

Egyptians Abroad For Democracy Worldwide

The Egyptian Movement to the Egyptian Revolution

* **Sara Flounders 201-388-7428*International Action Center

* *

*Muhamed Shoubir 347-685-9633 *

The National Movement to Support the Egyptian Revolution “Ghorba”

*When:* 12pm, Thursday, July 30th, 2015,

*Where*: Lexington Hotel, 511 Lexington Avenue at 48th St | New York
| NY | 10017.

On behalf of Code Pink, International Action Center, Georgia for
Peace, Gandhi BE Magazine, Gandhi for Peace, Euro Palestine, Stop the
War, The Egyptian Revolutionary Council, The National Coalition for
Democracy and Rejection of the Military Coup, The Egyptian Parliament
in Exile, The Conscious Front, and finally, the Gorbah Movement,

We would like to invite you to attend a press conference condemning
the execution of democracy through the execution of Egypt’s only
legitimate president, Mohamed Morsi. Attached are the conference’s
cover letter, press release, as well as a statement signed by numerous
politicians, human rights personalities and organizations.

You do not want to miss out on this greatly important event
discussing issues that are critical to not only the future of Egypt,
but to the region as a whole. See you all there!


Medea Benjamin

Co-Founder, CODEPINK

Missy Crutchfield

Editor-in-Chief, Gandhi’s Be Magazine & Gandhi Global Center for

Melissa Turner

Executive Editor, Gandhi’s Be Magazine

Dianne Mathiowetz, Co-Coordinator, Georgia Peace and Justice

Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center

Kotb Elarabi

Egyptian Revolutionary Council

Mohamed Shoubair

The National Movement to Support the Egyptian Revolution (Ghorba)

Ehab Sheha

The National Coalition to Support Legitmacy

Amro Abdelhady

Conscious Front

Amro Adel

Elwasat Party

Dr. Gamal Hishmat

Egyptian Parliament

Mohamed Ismail

Egyptians Abroad For Democracy Worldwide

The Egyptian Movement to the Egyptian Revolution

706-218-1638 <tel:706-218-1638>


Western organizations, along with politicians and parliamentarians,
have launched a campaign to stop the carrying out of the illegal death
sentence handed out to the only legitimate president of Egypt, Dr.
Mohamed Morsi.

A wide range of international organizations and personalities have
launched a campaign with the slogan “Stop the execution of democracy
– Stop the execution of Morsi” as part of a broader campaign under
the title “Save Egypt”

These organizations and individuals have signed a petition, which is
addressed to the United Nations and its human rights bodies, as well
as to the European Union and the United States. We demand those
involved to act with urgency in order to prevent the unjust execution
of Dr. Morsi along with a large number of political leaders after a
farcical trial that lacked all basic principles of justice.

The petition is scheduled to be delivered to the United Nations, the
European Union, and the African Parliament. In addition, it will also
be sent to the White House and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of
all developed nations, while also holding a series of events and press
conferences in solidarity with President Morsi. These activities will
take place in the United States, as well as a few European countries,
in the presence of a number of the signatories of the petition.

The list of organizations and movements actively participating in
this campaign are: Code Pink, International Action , Gandhi BE
Magazine, Gandhi for Peace, Georgia For Peace and Justice, Euro
Palestine, Stop the War, The Egyptian Revolutionary Council, The
National Coalition for Democracy and Rejection of the Military Coup,
The Egyptian Parliament in Exile, The Conscious Front, and finally,
the Gorbah Movement (Including different groups and movements from
Europe and the USA) along with a number of prominent journalists,
writers, professors, politicians, and human rights lawyers. These
include: Professor Noam Chomsky, Annette Groth, James Abourezk, Ramsey
Clark, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, Dr. Anas Altikriti, Toby Cadman,
Professor Dr. Yasin Aktay, Arun M. Gandhi, Hacene Zitouni, Carl
Buckley, Colonel Ann Wright, Medea Benjamin, Sara Flounders, David
Swanson, Norman Solomon, Missy Crutchfield, Melissa Turner, Mrari
Abdelmajid, Olivia Zémor, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, and many

This petition stresses that the fact that the death sentence handed
out to President Mohamed Morsi, along with other politicians,
parliamentarians, academics, students, activists, journalists and
women, is equivalent to the execution of democracy, freedom and
justice. The international community must not remain silent in front
of this horrendous crime, taking place in front of our very eyes.
Failure to address this tyranny will result in no other than further
chaos and lack of stability in Egypt and the Middle East, smashing the
hopes of the newly born democracy and freedom in the region. This will
consequently result in the younger generations becoming easy prey for
extremist organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, as they seek
alternatives to fight this grave injustice.

The signatories of this petition call on the major powerful countries
of the world to stop supporting the Sisi regime. They also urge the
United Nations to act immediately in bringing a halt to the massacres
taking place in Egypt on almost a weekly basis, and to conduct a
thorough investigation on the continuous human rights violations in
Egypt, including, and especially, the lack of rights given to


*Message to The United Nations, European Union, United States, and
all Democratic and Free countries*

There are growing concerns that the government of Egypt intends to
execute Egypt’s first ever democratically elected President, Mohamed
Morsi in the coming weeks. Mr. Morsi along with hundreds of political
opponents received the death sentence following what major
international human rights organizations described as a hopelessly
flawed and politically motivated trials that ignored acceptable
minimum international standards.**

President Morsi was ousted during the illegal military coup led by
the then Defense Minister Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and has been
imprisoned ever since. President Morsi’s death sentence and the
impending execution of countless others (students, women, religious
scholars, politicians, and academics) involved in working for
democracy in Egypt presents a sobering example of the escalating
violence and continual human rights abuses perpetrated against the
Egyptian people since the Fourth Anniversary of the January 25
Egyptian Revolution earlier this year.

The mass executions is effectively a clear testimony for the death
and end of democracy, freedom, respect for human rights, and justice
in Egypt. The mass death sentences stand contrary to the principles
that the Egyptian Revolution has promoted over the last four years,
and it highlight the end in Egypt of the very principles that the
international community stands for. We must not stand silently
witnessing freedom and democracy being stripped away from the people
of Egypt.

Failure to stop this tyranny now will result in further chaos and
instability running rampant throughout Egypt and across the Middle
East. Those who have seen their hopes and dreams for democracy
shattered will now become easy targets for ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other
militant groups, who on a daily basis increase their threat around the
world by capitalizing on the frustrations of the oppressed.

The mass emigration of refugees that we see now will only increase as
peoples seek to flee authoritarian regimes and militancy. It will
therefore have a direct and immediate consequence on the international

The negative consequences of Morsi and hundreds of anti-coup
activists being executed and the effect of an increasingly
authoritarian regime cannot be underestimated. This is not a problem
that affects an area of the Middle East many thousands of miles away;
it is a problem that directly affects each and every nation.

We, as individuals and organizations committed to human rights and
democracy, therefore communicate this message to the international
community and demand an immediate action.

By its silence, tacit approval of the Egyptian government, or
diplomatic recognition and foreign assistance, the international
community is in effect facilitating the numerous human rights abuses
perpetrated by the regime and lending credibility to a murderous

The peoples of the Middle East following what can possibly be seen as
a double standard are as a result now questioning the commitment of
the international community to the rule of law and the observance of
human rights. Such double standards could enable exploitations of the
discontented youth by violent groups such as ISIS and others.

We would urge you to withdraw support for the current brutal regime
of el-Sisi. We demand an immediate end to state violence against
dissidents and an independent investigation of the flagrant and
massive human rights violations, torture, rape and inhumane detention
conditions of political prisoners in Egypt.



*Mohamed M. Marzouki, Former President*

*Of Tunisia. President, *Arab Council for

Defense of Revolutions* *Democracy. Tunis

*Annette Groth*,

*German Member of Parliament* and

Spokeswoman for Human Rights

*Professor Noam Chomsky *//

Institute Professor, retired MIT Cambridge, MA, USA**

*Lord Alderdice *

Life Peer at the *House of Lords*, UK Former

Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly & Leader of the Alliance
Party of Northern Ireland

*James Abourezk*

Former *United States Senator*

*Mike Gravel***

Former *United States Senator***

*Baroness Tonge ***

Life Peer at the *House of Lords*, UK

Former Liberal Democrat MP, UK**

*Paul Flynn, Labour Party politician*

Member of Parliament since 1987 UK

*David Steel, Lord*

Member of the House of Lords

British Liberal Democrat politician

Member of Parliament (1965-1997)**

*Gahame Morris MP***

British Labour Party Politician,

Member of Parliament since 2010

* *

*Ramsey Clark, *

Human Rights lawyer and former *U.S. Attorney General*

*Dr. Norman Finkelstein*//

Teaching in the Centre for Middle Eastern //

Studies at Sakarya University in Turkey**

*Alice Walker,* Author
, Civil Rights Activist

Women’s Rights Activist
and poet

Pulitzer Prize-winning 1983. USA

*Danny Glover*

American actor, film director and

Political Activist. USA **

*Professor John Esposito,*

Professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown
University. *Director *of The Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim
Washington DC, USA

*Prof. Dr. Yasin Aktay *//

Deputy Chairman of Foreign Relations for //

Justice and development party in Turkey

*Margaret Ritchie, Irish politician *

MP for South Down. Former Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour

*David Anderson, Labour Party Politician*

Member of Parliament since 2005 UK

*John Austin*, Former Labour MP. UK

Past Chairman Council for Arab British Understanding. Past Chairman
British Group Inter-Parliamentary Union

*Andrew Love,** ** *

British Labour Co-operative politician

Former Member of Parliament for Edmonton, UK

*Nasser Al Duwaillah, *

Lawyer. Former MP, Kuwait

*Valter Mutt*

Member of the Swedish Parliament Member of the Committee on Foreign
Affairs, Sweden

*Hillevi Larsson ***

Member of the Swedish Parliament, Sweden

*Dominique Peschard, Former President *

The Ligue des droits et libertés, Canada

*Toby Cadman *//

Barrister-at-law, Chambers of Anthony Berry /, /QC -Founder of the
International Forum for Democracy and Human Rights, U.K. //

*Medea Benjamin* //

Founder, Code Pink, U.S.A.

*Michael Ratner*, President

Emeritus Center for Constitutional Rights, Id , New York, USA

*Marjorie Cohn, Professor*

Thomas Jefferson School of Law and

Former President of National Lawyers Guild*, *CA, USA**

*Professor Peter Erlinder* (Ill. Bar 3124291)

William Mitchell College of Law, MN (ret)*/ /*

Director, International humanitarian law Institute

*Dianne Mathiowetz*, Co- ordinator, Georgia , Peace and Justice
Coalition; Producer and Co-host, the Labor Forum, WRFG 89.3FM;,
Co-ordinator, Atlanta International Action Center. USA

*Azadeh Shahshahani, President *

The National Lawyers Guild

Atlanta, USA

*Bruce Nestor, Past President*

National Lawyers Guild

Minneapolis, MN, USA

*David Gespass*

Former President, National Lawyers Guild


*Sara Flounders, * Co-Director//

International Action Center, USA**

*François Burgat, *Political Scientist and Arabist

The head of the French Institute of the Near East. When
Authoritarianism Fails in the Arab World. European Research Council.

*Alnayl Alfadel Mahmoud*

President of African students union

*Andrew Murray & Chris Nineham *

Stop the War Coalition

*Chris Doyle, Director*

Council for Arab-British Understanding (CAABU)

*Peter Oborne, British journalist*

The Associate Editor of the Spectator &

Former chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph

*Hacene Zitouni * //

Journalist, London UK **

*Marilyn Levin,* Coordinators, United National Anti-war Coalition,

*Joe Lombardo, *Coordinators, United National Anti-war Coalition,

*John Catalinotto*, managing editor Workers World newspaper, USA.

*Jeff Mackler*, National Secretary, Socialist Action/USA

*Phil Wilayto*, Editor, The Virginia Defender newspaper, USA

*Teresa Gutierrez*, Coordinator May 1 Workers and Immigrant Rights
Coalition, USA

*Martine Eloy, Former-coordinator*

The Ligue des droits et libertés


*Beth Lamont*, Program Coordinator, Humanist Society, Metro NY, USA

*Dr. Anas Altikriti*, CEO

The Cordoba Foundation, London, UK

*Dr. Abdullah Faliq* Head of Research

The Cordoba Foundation, London, UK

*Olivia Zémor *//

President of CAPJPO-Euro Palestine

France //

*Thomas Bachmann***

Committee Chairman to boycott Israel in Switzerland

*Carl Buckley *//

Executive Director //

International Forum for Democracy and //

Human Rights, United Kingdom //

*Colonel Ann wright* //

Former United States Army Colonel and //

Retired U.S. State Department Official. USA //

*Shift Wealth: Economic Democracy*

It’s Our Economy. Build power and resistance, Popular Resistance

*Laifi Kamel, PhD *

Diplomacy and International Relations professor & Human Rights
Activist / Paris //

*David Swanson,* Author and Director of World Beyond War

*MRARI Abdelmajid* //

President of AFD International –France **

/ /

*Arun M. Gandhi *//

Gandhi Global Center for Peace**

*Norman Solomon*, Executive Director

Institute for Public Accuracy

*Shahid Comrade,* National Secretary, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum,

*Bassma Kodmani, Professor*

International Relations at Paris University

Former spokesperson of the Syrian National Council

Co-founder of the Arab Reform Initiative

*Missy Crutchfield, *Editor-in-Chief * *//

Gandhi BE Magazine, USA * *//

*Melissa Turner *//

Journalist, Gandhi BE Magazine, USA //

*Democratize the Media*

Clearing the FOG (Forces of Greed) Radio* *

*Dr. Amin Aloosh,* Secretary General

International Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians. Algeria

*Kevin Zeese*, co-director, Popular Resistance**

*Margaret Flowers*, co-director, Popular Resistance**

*Aly R. Abuzaakouk, PhD *//

President the Libyan American Public Affairs //

Council /,/Elected member “Libyan Parliament” **

*Carl Arrindell*

Chief Political Correspondent, Islam Channel

CEO, Public Interest Relations & Media

*Ward Crutchfield*

Former Senate Majority Leader

Tennessee, USA

*Judith Berlowitz, PhD*

Jewish Genealogy, Spanish Translation

Bay Area Women in Black. CA, USA

*Na’eem Jeenah, Executive Director*

Afro-Middle East Centre

Johannesburg South Africa

*Professor Ovide Bastien, *

Dawson College, Montreal, Canada

*John C. Brittain, Attorney*

Former president, National Lawyers Guild

*Dr. Curtis F.J.Doebbler*

International human rights lawyer

*Joy Brown-Moore, Professor *

Dawson College, Montreal, Canada

*Aaron Kiely, Student *

Broad Left. London, UK

* *

*Ann Schroeder*

George Washington University

Graduate Program – Political Psychology USA

*Dr.Ayman Nour* President, Ghad El-Thawra

*V. President*,

Arab Council for Defense of Revolutions and Democracy

*Dr.Mohamed Mahsoob*

Professor, Sorbonne University

Former minister of state for Parliamentary affairs **

*Ambassador Ibrahim Youssri*

Attorney at law

*Dr. Saif Eldeen Abdel Fatah * //

Professor of Political Science &

International Relations. Egypt

*Abdelrahman Youssef*, Egyptian Poet

Political Activist. Egypt

* *

* *

*The Egypt parliament*

*National Alliance to support legitimate *

*The Egyptian Revolutionary Council ***

*The National Movement to Support the Egyptian Revolution
“Ghorba**” ** *

*The National Lawyers Guild*

*Code Pink, USA *

* **All 4 Justice*

* *

*Collectifs des femmes pour les droit de l’homme Organization in
France *

*Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition//*

*Tawasol Organization for Human Rights, Holland *//

*Center for Egyptian American Relations *//

* *

*Egyptians Abroad for Democracy Worldwide*

*Gandhi Global Center for Peace ***

*Broadcasters Without Borders*

*The Cordoba Foundation*

* *

*United National Anti-war Coalition, USA*

*The International Coordination Committee in Support of Rights and

*International Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians*

*International Action Center, USA *//

*Association Justice for Egypt, Geneva *

*Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Right. *//

*International Forum for Democracy and Human Rights *//

*Libyan American Public Affairs Council ***

*Egyptian Association for freedom and justice***

*We Care Organization *//

* *

*Media Contact List:*

*Dr. Maha Azzam , 447854580419*

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council

*Dr.** **Mohamed Jaber 905458723080*

The Egypt parliament

* *

*Ehab Shiha** **905343214819*

National Alliance to support legitimate

* *

*Amr Abdel** **Hadi ** 97433576180*

Conscience Front

* Medea Benjamin 4152356517 <tel:4152356517>

Co-Founder, CODEPINK

* *

*Missy Crutchfield 4232406074 <tel:4232406074>

Editor-in-Chief, Gandhi’s Be Magazine & Gandhi Global Center for

* *

*Melissa Turner **4233224208* <tel:4233224208>

Executive Editor, Gandhi’s Be Magazine