NYC: April 12: Meeting on Urgency of Mumia’s struggle with Ramona Africa and others


HEAR Legendary MOVE 1985 Bombing Survivor

‘Why is this moment so urgent?’

6:30 pm9 pm
International Action Center
147 West 24 St., 2nd Floor

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Other speakers include: ROBERT BOYLE, Mumia’s attorney on the battle for immediate treatment for his Hepatitis C, “An Update on the Case Against the Department of Correc-tions.” JOE PIETTE, Vietnam War Veteran, Postal Union member, Philly IAC member, and long time Mumia activist, “The National Picture on Hepatitis C.” MONICA MOOREHEAD, Host, Workers World Party 2016 Presidential Candidate. SUZANNE ROSS, MC, Free  Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) and International Concerned Family and Friends of  Mumia Abu-Jamal, “The Activist Challenge.” PLUS discussion of actions leading up to April 22-24 actions. We are awaiting a decision from the judge who heard the riveting presentations in court in December. A decision is due any day!

Get your bus tickets for resistance activities in Philadelphia, April 22–24.
Demand immediate treatment for Mumia, the 10,000 other Pennsylvania prisoners infected with Hepatitis C, and all all others suffering from this epidemic.
Sponsored by: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC), International Action Center/ Millions for Mumia, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. For more information call: 212-633-6646 or 212-330-8029. Light snacks.