Protest Against Hillary Clinton, Sunday, April 17 @ 3pm, Clinton Headquarters, Cadman Plaza, NYC

clinton041616Protest Against Hillary Clinton,       Warmonger & Friend of Dictators

Sunday, April 17 @ 3pm

At: Clinton Headquarters

Pierrepont St. & Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn Heights, NY

Subway: 4 or 5 to Borough Hall / 2 or 3 to Clark St.

Help Expose Her Criminal Record As Secretary of State!


She oversaw the US-NATO invasion of Libya, the overthrow of Qaddafi and the genocidal slaughter of Libyan population under humanitarian pretexts acknowledged, even by her emails, to be lacking any evidence.


She supported the military coup that overthrew the democratically elected President of Honduras. Berta Caceres, a renowned activist, recently murdered by the new military dictatorship, charged Hillary for legitimizing the coup.


She rigged the Haitian elections to establish the dictatorship of Michel Martelly in order to openthe country to foreign capital.


Her emails reveal that her policy in Syria was to provoke a civil conflict in order to further US and Israel’s geopolitical interests.


She has advocated for greater military and financial aid to the US-backed junta, which would mean putting more Nato’s troops on Russian border and risking a Third World War


She defended the Israeli war on Gaza and pledges to increase military assistance to Israeli right-wing government.

Iraq and Afghanistan:

She was a fervent supporter of both invasions.