May Day 2016

May Day 2016 in USA: Listings by City (updated frequently)

NEW YORK CITY:   MayDay2016-042716

MAY DAY       
International Workers Day    
Rally for Workers and Migrants 

Sunday  MAY 1st  2016   

  • 12 pm Rally @Union Square,
    14th St & Broadway, NYC
  • 3 pm Join Immigrant Worker Justice Tour at:
    Washington Square Park

Join us to make our voices heard!


Workers & Migrants of the World Unite!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!

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Check updates on #MayDay2016   #UnionSquareNYC

Join us on Sunday, May Day NYC 2016 to show that another world is possible…

  • where forced migration due to neoliberal policies no longer happens.
  • where refugees and migrants don’t have to flee their homelands and go to countries that use them as cheap labor.
  • where refugees and migrants are not criminalized.
  • where families are not torn apart.
  • where families do not have to fear deportation, detention, and raids.
  • where Black Lives Matter.
  • where our workers have sustainable wages.
  • where we are not killed or disappeared for fighting for our communities.
  • where we are liberated.

Both workers and immigrants continue to suffer from the systematic oppression of capitalism and imperialism, as the continued plunder of the Global South continues unabated, and workers around the world are forced to migrate for survival to countries like the U.S., while in the U.S., low-income workers and their families are brutalized and terrorized by the police and immigrant communities continue to be criminalized.

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