NYC – May 13: Second PPA Verizon Strike Action, 3 PM-6 PM, Union Square

Second PPA Verizon Strike Action
Friday 3:00-6:00 PM
Union Square location — 859 Broadway, between 17th and 18th

Hi all:

The 39,000 workers fighting the greedy capitalist behemoth known as Verizon are entering the fifth week of their strike. Verizon made about $39 billion in profits in 3 years — and has spent millions just taking out full-page newspaper ads lying about the strike.

Obviously the intention is to bust the union. Also at stake is the status of the 65 Brooklyn Verizon Wireless store workers, mostly women of color, who voted to join the union in 2014 and are also out on strike, in their fifth week with no income. In that battle just to vote for union representation, one of the workers, Bianca Cunningham, was fired for her union activity.

The union has asked the People’s Power Assembly to do another picket at the Union Square location.

Attached is a flier from the union about phone calls Verizon customers and anyone else can make to support the strike.

Join us for this solidarity action.