NYC: Sun. June 26: Show solidarity for Orlando @ Pride March

       S O L I D A R I T Y     C E N T E Rlgbtqfist061616

  • The People’s Power Assembly
  • Call to Action on Puerto Rico
  • Moorehead/Lilly 2016 Election Campaign of Workers World Party
  • International Working Women’s Day Coalition
  • Laundry Workers Center
  • HondurasUSAResistencia
  • May 1st Coalition and
  • the International Action Center
    urges the progressive and revolutionary movement to

Join the LGBTQ community at
Pride 2016
on Sunday, June 26

Gathering at 2 pm @39th St between 5th & Madison 

(probably closer to Madison)

Look for a tall pole with a sign that says:


If you have trouble finding it, call or text: 

Note: you won’t be able to cross Fifth Ave. below 42nd St.

In the wake of the Orlando atrocity, where 49 mainly Latino/a lesbian, bi, gay, trans and queer people were killed, we want to show our utmost solidarity with the community.




March with us on Sunday,
June 26 to demand:moorehead-lilly-lgbt062216

  • an end to anti-LGBTQ violence
  • an end to Islamophobia
  • an end to the continuing epidemic of murders, particularly against
    trans women of color
  • an end to the anti-LGBTQ legislation that has passed or still being debated in North Carolina and other states

Let Washington, D.C. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton know that the Orlando tragedy cannot be used to escalate war against Muslim people, here or abroad.

The vast majority killed in Orlando were Puerto Rican and we will show our solidarity with the Puerto Rican people and demand an end to a debt that forces migration and an end to police brutality.

Build solidarity with all the immigrants killed that day.

Fight for Orlando!

Black & Brown Queer Lives Matter! 

S O L I D A R I T Y –
 not Muslim bashing!

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