Free Marcell Dockery June 24 press conference & June 23 twitter campaign

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On Thurs. June 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.,
join the Twitter campaign by sending out a tweet using #FreeMarcellDockery saying:
‘No jail time for Marcell Dockery’




Press Conference  
Friday, June 24
9 am @ Brooklyn District Courthouse
320 Jay Street, Brooklyn

Activists with the People’s Power Assembly, one of NYC’s Black Lives Matter groups, has called a press conference for Friday to demand the immediate release from jail of Marcell Dockery.

After statements to the media, press conference members will demand a meeting with Justice Danny Chun.

PPA Statement on Sentencing of Marcell Dockery

On June 14 in Brooklyn, a lynch mob in blue attended the sentencing of an African-American teenager to decades in jail. Dozens of NYPD members cheered as a court robbed 18-year-old Marcell Dockery of the rest of his life.

His crime? Setting fire to a mattress when he was 16 years old. The fire and smoke from the mattress overwhelmed the cops who arrived on the scene, killing one and injuring the other.

That the killing was an accident didn’t matter to Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson or Justice Danny Chun.

That’s right, Thompson and Chun – the same pair who teamed up to grant killer-cop Peter Liang NO jail time, and reduce his charges, have teamed up on Dockery with an outrageous sentence of 19 years to life in prison.
“It was an accident” – was the chorus when Thompson recommended no jail time for Liang, who did nothing as his victim Akai Gurley fatally bled out in the stairwell.

The case was one of unique circumstances,” Thompson said. It was about justice and not about revenge.”

Now, Thompson and Chun are helping the racist NYPD go ALL OUT for revenge. The cop mob gave a standing ovation in court when the verdict against Dockery was announced. PBA head Patrick Lynch told reporters that when 19 years are up, police would once again pack the courtroom to make sure Dockery stays in jail.

We can’t allow this to stand. We need to be on the streets demanding justice for Marcell Dockery and all victims of white supremacy and mass incarceration. Come to a press conference: Friday, June 24, 9 am, Court Building, 320 Jay St., Brooklyn.

And let’s be clear: the killing of Akai Gurley was no accident – despite the media’s efforts to portray it that way. Liang entered the unlit stairwell with his gun drawn and pulled the heavy trigger of his 9-mm. service weapon, a gun designed to require 12 pounds of force to shoot.

Beyond that, the occupation of every housing project, school and oppressed neighborhood by heavily armed cops, along with the accompanying constant racist harassment, guarantees that residents of that neighborhood have been designated as the enemy and will be killed. Gurley’s death was premeditated in every sense of the word.

In contrast: Gurley lay bleeding as Liang fretted about losing his job. Compare that to Dockery. Even according to the prosecution, the teen ran through his 13th-floor hallway knocking on doors and warning his neighbors about the fire.

If you’re Brock Turner, a rich, white student who sexually assaults an unconscious woman, the judge says, A prison sentence would have a severe impact” on you.

But the system of mass incarceration, the New Jim Crow, is all about robbing young Black and Brown people of their lives.
The Black Lives Matter movement in NYC must SHUT IT DOWN until we get justice for Marcell!