NYC: Hands Off Syria demonstration as UN Security Council Meets on Syria – Wed, 9/21 – 9am

Posted 9/21/16

US bombing of Syrian Government’s Army positions in the Eastern city of Deir ez-Zor on Saturday is a very dangerous escalation in the 5 year US effort of Regime Change or complete overturn of the legally elected and internationally recognized government of Syria.

Russia immediately called a UN Security Council Meeting.
Another meeting of the UN Security Council is scheduled to take up Syria this Wed morning at 9am.
Syrian friends from the Syrian American Will Association – SAWA and Syrian American Forum SAF and Arab Americans 4 Syria have asked our help on an emergency demonstration for Syria on Wed at 9am at the UN. At 47th St & 2nd Ave. (Not at 1st Ave)
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Please help spread this information.
International Action Center, United National Antiwar Coalition, Peoples Organization for Progress and US Peace Council have now endorsed.
Emergency Demonstrations in Boston, Los Angeles and several other cities are being planned.