Tues., Oct. 4 – Charlotte Uprising National Day of Action; Solidarity Urgently Needed!

  S O L I D A R I T Y   C E N T E R    


   CharlotteUprising.com     /10/2/2016

TUES, OCT 4: A Call
for Nationally-Coordinated Actions
on the Second
Week Anniversary of
police murder of Keith Lamont Scott

No More Strange Fruit!
Call to Action from Charlotte Uprising!    

On September 20th, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police killed Keith Lamont Scott, a Black father with disabilities who deserved to live.

People have taken to the streets of Charlotte every day and every night to demand an end to the war on Black lives and Black communities. People on the ground continue to be met with police repression from the police murder of Justin Carr in the protests to the use of tear gas in crowds to the issuing of warrants for the arrests of people who have livestreamed from the frontlines.

Led by Black, queer & trans organizers & accomplices, the Charlotte Uprising has tirelessly inspired people to resist state violence and dream of new possibilities beyond the current conditions we live in. Freedom fighters in Charlotte are now calling on freedom fighters everywhere to host coordinated actions around the country on Tuesday, October 4, which will mark two weeks since Keith’s murder.

So far actions have been called in:

  • Baltimore  6 pm   North Ave. and North Charles St.
  • Detroit        4 pm   500 Griswold St.
  • New York City   Rally: 6 pm  March: 7 pm
    125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

Solidarity Urgently Needed For

At the time of this writing, The CMPD is ramping up repression against demonstrators. They have been issuing warrants to arrest activists who’ve been in the streets to protest the police murder of #KeithLamontScott that they have allegedly identified through video footage. The CMPD needs to know that the eyes of the world are on them and we won’t stand for repression of our movements for justice!

Please also make an urgently needed donation to the bail support fund!


   CharlotteUprising.com           9/29/2016

We demand an immediate end to
repression  of demonstrators in Charlotte!

Call/Email CMPD, Mecklenburg County Sheriff,
Mayor Roberts, Attorney General Roy Cooper,
& Governor Pat McCrory

Jail Liaison – Karla Gary
Office phone: 980-314-5550
email:  Karla.Gary@mecklenburgcountync.gov

Public Information Manager – Anjanette Flowers Grube
Office phone: 980-314-5170
Cell phone: 704-634-5072
email:  Anjanette.Grube@mecklenburgcountync.gov

Mayor Jennifer Roberts
Phone: 704-336-2241
email: mayor@charlottenc.gov

Governor Pat McCrory
Phone: 919-814-2000
Phone: 919-733-4240
email: governor.office@governor.ncmail.net

Attorney General Roy Cooper
Phone:  919-716-6400

Since demonstrations began against the police murder of Keith Lamont Scott, police in Charlotte have been mass arresting protesters & legal observers, using chemical weapons, and violating their most basic rights.

Jamil Gill (aka King Mills), who many around the country and the world know for his on the ground livestreams from the first nights of protest, has been a particular target of police repression ever since the protests began. He was arrested and issued an outrageous bond of $320,000, which the movement fought and reduced to a still obscene amount of $162,000.

He was bonded out early in the day on September 28, and subsequently REARRESTED by police as he ate lunch! This is a clear attempt to intimidate and harass Gill, and an attempt
by the state to silence and have a chilling effect on the rest of the movement.

During demonstrations on September 21, police attacked the protests and killed 26-year-old Black man Justin Carr. Continuing their targeting Black and Brown people and a total lack of transparency by the CMPD, they are falsely accusing Raquan Borum for Justin’s death.

The police have continued to violate arrestees’ legal rights by:

  •  Instructing the National Guard and police to blockade the jail (at least three times since the uprising began) to prevent the release of arrestees whose bond was paid
  • Using bogus excuses like fire drills, ‘suspicious packages,’ and even characterizing our jail solidarity team gathering at the jail as a ‘protest’ to lock down the jail for hours
  • Intentionally delaying the release of arrestees
  • Not published arrestees’ names online, impeding our ability to provide them legal support

We need you to call and email the jail, Charlotte and state officials and demand that they stop violating arrestees’ rights!

Script for call or email:

“Hello  _______________.

My name is  _______________ and I am a resident of

__________________.  Can I speak to (See list above)

I am calling to demand that you stop the repression of demonstrators in Charlotte.

  • We demand an end to the attacks on  Jamil Gill! Stop the arrests of all protesters!
  • We demand that an independent investigation of the killing of Keith L. Scott and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept!
  • We demand that you stop purposefully obstructing the release of arrestees!
  • We demand that all the charges against those who have been arrested are dropped!

Hands off #CharlotteUprising!

The whole world is watching, and we won’t stop until
our demands are met and the people get justice!