NYC: Today, Nov 4: Election campaign street meeting to talk about Jobs; Racism; Sexism; War; Immigrant Right & Standing Rock

   Desperate for a Peoples’ Response  
      to the Trump/Clinton Debacle?

Monica Moorehead For President
Invites You To An Election Campaign
FRIDAY NOV 4   5 pm – 6:30 pm
34th St. & 6th Ave on the South West Corner

Let’s get the word out Friday and every day until the election Nov. 8 that the only response to warmonger Hillary Clinton and racist Donald Trump is to organize an independent fightback and vote with your feet!

Come to a street meeting to talk about fighting for jobs, solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, against racism and sexism and war, immigrant rights and how to Stand with Standing Rock! 

Then come back to the Solidarity Center at 6:30 for pizza following the street meeting for a brainstorming discussion on how to get the word out to New Yorkers to write in Moorehead/Lilly on the ballot instead of voting for war, racism and misogyny.

Moorehead/Lilly Campaign

Moorehead/Lilly banner