NYC: Updated Nov. 11-13 RESIST TRUMP: WWP Conference & Schedule

S O L I D A R I T Y   C E N T E R

Program Schedule for Workers World Party National Conference

Day 3 of Resistance to Donald Trump
Friday, NOV 11 from 6 pm to 9 pm

SHABAZZ CENTER 3940 Broadway@ W 165 St. NYC
Take 1, A or C subway to 168 St.

Evening of Solidarity and Resistance with Charlotte, Standing Rock, Mumia, Palestine and more…
♦ Cultural Performances ♦ Spoken word ♦ Greetings

Speakers and performers include: Eyewitness reports
from Standing Rock of delegations from the frontlines

Rebecka Jackson, LA based activist and artist with film premiere “UP RISE” about the Baltimore rebellion,

Clarence Thomas, past Secty-Treasurer of
Local 10, International Longshore Warehouse Union

Representatives from the Laundry Worker Centers

Imani Henry, activist and organizer
of Equality for Flatbush

Cultural Performances from rapper, Jose Mujica
and spoken word by Luis Rumbat

Dinae Anderson, performer


  Program Schedule for 2016 WWP National Conference

Why We Must Keep Fighting
for a Socialist Future

SHABAZZ CENTER 3940 Broadway@ W 165 St. NYC
Take 1, A or C subway to 168 St.

Friday, Nov. 11
   5 pm  Registration at Shabazz Center
   6 pm -9 pm  Evening of Solidarity & Resistance

Saturday, Nov. 12
   8:30 am -9 am Registration, coffee and bagels, canteen
   9:30 am -9:40 am Conference opening
Welcome: Dhruv Pathak

   9:40 am -9:50 am  Small group table introductions:
   LT Tran will give instructions

  9:50 am -11:25 am  First plenary:

In the Aftermath of the U.S. Elections,
What are the Tasks for Revolutionaries?

Chair: Summer Smith
Monica Moorehead, Larry Holmes, Scott Williams,
John Parker, Sharon Black, Teresa Gutierrez

   11:25 am -11:45 am Small group table discussions

11:45 am -1 pm    Floor discussion
   Facilitators: Elena Gilbert & John Parker

   1 pm -3 pm Lunch Break & Break-out groups

1 pm -2 pm Break-out groups:

  • Building Labor Solidarity (main hall);
  • Workers World Newspaper & Website: Independent and Revolutionary Working Class News Sources (lobby):
  • Archiving and Studying Our Revolutionary History (lobby)

   2 pm -3 pm Youth Break-Out (main hall)

   3 pm -3:25 pm
Solidarity messages & Cultural Presentations

Chairs: Andy Katz & Cheryl LaBash

   3:25 pm – 4:40 pm  Second Plenary:

A Better World’s in Birth: Building the International Working-Class Fightback

Chair: Danielle Boachie 
Speakers: Minnie Bruce Pratt, Joe Mshahwar,
Berta Joubert-Ceci, Taryn Fivek; Imani Henry;
Video of Leslie Feinberg; Video of Malcolm X

   4:40 pm -5 pm  Break and Music

   5 pm -5:15 pm   Solidarity Messages
Chairs: Andy Katz & Cheryl LaBash

   5:15 pm -6 pm  Third Plenary:

The Living Struggle: Revolutionary Practice
Based in Revolutionary Theory

Chair: Jess Jude
Speakers: LeiLani Dowell, Peter Gilbert, Lamont Lilly

   6 pm -7:30 pm Dinner outside the Hall

   7:30 pm -10 pm  Evening of Solidarity & Resistance

Speakers and Performances: including
Pam Africa from MOVE Organization, International
Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Sunday, Nov. 13

   9:30 am -10:30 am Registration, coffee and bagels, canteen

   10:30 am -11:15 am Chair:  Garrett Dicembre

Music, slide show, video,
International Solidarity messages

  Report from BAYAN: Gary Labao
   11:15 am -12:15 pm Fourth Plenary:

Seize the Time!  The Role of a
Revolutionary Party & its Relevance Today

Chair: Garrett Dicembre
Speakers: LT Tran, Andy Katz,
Abayomi Azikiwe, Rebecka Jackson

12:15 pm -12:45 pm  Small Groups:
    Crafting Messages & Resolutions of Solidarity

    12:45 pm -1 pm  Break

     1 pm -2 pm Closing Plenary

Chair: Teresa Gutierrez
Summation: Larry Holmes

Singing of Internationale
Assata Chant

Conference plenaries will be live streamed
on Workers World Party Facebook. World Party

*Solidarity messages throughout program.
Program subject to change

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