#J20Resist: Call for global actions against Trump, the new face of U.S. imperialism

On Friday, January 20, a new U.S. administration will be sworn in.

On Friday, January 20, protest continuing U.S. wars for global domination.

The new Trump administration enters office promising to:

  • Boost U.S. military spending and the capacity to wage war;
  • Escalate attacks on Latinx, Muslim, and other immigrant and oppressed communities;
  • Expand U.S. nuclear weapons capacity;
  • Gut environmental regulations and grant impunity to corporate and military polluters;
  • Increase state repression against Black, Native and other oppressed nationalities; and
  • Launch a wholesale attack on the working class in the U.S.

On Friday, January 20, in Washington DC and cities across the U.S., hundreds of thousands will take the streets to protest an agenda of war and racism.

Whether the Democrats’ Hillary Clinton or the Republican’s Donald Trump sat in the White House, U.S. imperialism would pose a threat to peace.

Each candidate competed to exceed the other in enthusiasm for U.S. wars, repression and austerity, and in devotion to the ambitions of US. capitalism.

But the open racism, sectarianism, anti-immigrant and anti-working class bigotry of the incoming Trump administration has aroused a mass response.

This unprecedented outpouring of resistance presents an opportunity to mobilize against war and racism, and to defend the interests of workers globally.

Make Friday, January 20 a day of global action to build the most anti-war, anti-racist and pro-worker impulses of the mass reaction to the new U.S. administration.

Please consider what is possible in your country and in cities across the U.S. Can you protest a U.S. embassy, consulate or mission? In the U.S. plan actions at Federal Buildings and central city plazas. Can your union, party or other organization issue a statement against Trump and his agenda for U.S. imperialism? However you can, please take action!

Send information on international actions, place, time and contact information at J20Global@gmail.com

List local actions around the U.S. at http://www.workers.org/j20/submitinfo/

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