It’s right to resist! We stand together against state violence

In the face of the vicious media attacks on the planned protests against Trump’s inauguration, The International Action Center reaffirms its solidarity to those targeted and its commitment to the St. Paul Principles of Organizing.

This latest smear campaign and conspiracy mongering is a page from an old playbook that is used in every mass gathering of opposition to capitalism and state repression. These attacks are intended to divide mass opposition to Trump. The state seeks to target one group of militants in order to create fear and paranoia amongst all opposition.

Our unity and solidarity are the most powerful weapons we have against capitalist state repression.

We support the spirit of direct action and mass resistance, knowing that this is one of the most powerful tools to deploy against racism, sexism, police brutality, deportations, imperialist wars and the capitalist system that gave us Trump.

These sleazy tactics are meant to justify massive police presence, raids, surveillance, infiltration and repression of activists.

The best way to fight this is to stick together, be in solidarity with one another, respect a diversity of tactics and condemn repression of all who oppose the Trump agenda.