NYC: International Working Women’s Day Coalition: J21 Women’s March: Unite & Fight Against Trump!.

See you all in the streets! Remember our Full contingent for International Working Women’s Day Coalition MEET UP is at 12PM / Noon in front of Amish Market (240 E 45th @ 2nd Ave.)

Check out IWWD Coalition’s Campaign!

The Can We Live! Campaign is a struggle-oriented program aimed to unite women to organize around economic and political issues year-round. Its 10-point program asks “Can We Live” when the super-rich 1% deprives us of so much. We call for:

1. Stop racist police terror. End state violence against women, labor and sexual exploitation, trafficking. No domestic violence; restore safe houses. Community self-defense is a right.

2. Jobs for all, not jails. Promote union rights; defend public workers and Social Security; Fight for $15/hour minimum wage; full-time work and/or guaranteed income; extend unemployment benefits; pay equity; paid family leave. End discrimination based on age, nationality, gender, sexuality, pregnancy, disability. Cancel credit card and student debt.

3. Health care for all. Preserve/expand Medicaid, Medicare, and all social programs. Improve Affordable Care Act. Reproductive justice now.

4. Free quality education from cradle to grave.

5. Housing is a human right. Affordable housing for all; end homelessness. No foreclosures, evictions, utility shutoffs.

6. A healthy planet and clean environment. Environmental justice now.

7. Legalization, not deportation. Unite families; end ICE raids and detentions.

8. Healthy, toxic-free food. Restore/expand food stamps and all nutrition programs.

9. No imperialist war: Stop violence against women in the military and in occupied lands. Close all U.S. bases abroad. Bring all troops home.

10. Full rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming and queer people.