LYNNE STEWART MEMORIAL EVENT – NYC, Saturday, April 22, 2017– Join Us

On Saturday, April 22, 2017– Join Us

and Glen Ford, Chris Hedges, Hon. Charles Barron, Pam Africa,
Father Lawrence Lucas, Sara Flounders, Dolores Cox, Rev. Allison,
Lamis Deek,  Janine Otis Ensemble, Nat Turner-Poet,
Attiba Wilson- Drummer, Dr. Patrice Turner

At 615 Lexington Ave & 54th St. in Manhattan
Note new time
2:30 pm -7 pm to celebrate Lynne.
Doors open at 2:00 pm.

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Trains: 6 to 51st St.; 4, 5, E, F, N, Q or R to 59th S.

Lynne Stewart took Revolutionary positions to change
the world and the lives of many people. Most of all, she
fought to free political prisoners. We all mourn, of course,
but we will obey the challenge she left us and
Organize! Organize! Organize!

FOR THOSE NOT ABLE TO MAKE THIS EVENT – The event will be STREAMED LIVE from the Facebook page (Justice for Lynne Stewart) beginning around 2:30 Eastern Time TODAY!

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Financial Appeal from Lynne’s Family and Friends
Please consider supporting Lynne’s family right now
by clicking here to contribute to their online
fundraising appeal.

To mail a check made out to
‘Lynne Stewart Organization,’ send to:

Lynne Stewart Organization
1070 Dean Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216