NYC: JUNE 1 Report Back: Mumia Victories & MOVE Conference



Mumia Abu-Jamal Victories
& Historic MOVE Conference
Presenters: Pam Africa • Ramona Africa
Bob Boyle Esq  • Rachel Wolkenstein Esq 

Other Speakers:  Esperanza Martell
Celebrates Oscar López Rivera’s Freedom

Workers World Party:  Christian Cobb              Mc: Suzanne Ross

MUMIA: A series of major victories in the past two months in Mumia’s case call for review, analysis, and follow up strategy. Mumia is now getting the Hep C meds, and his case has been reopened in the PA courts for possible voiding of the entire PA Supreme Court rejection of Mumia’s appeal. If won, a new trial or release would be legally possible.  In the meantime, thousands of PA ­prisoners can now use Mumia’s treatment as basis for ­demanding it for themselves, and PA has ruled that all
MEDI­CAID recipients are ­entitled to the Hep C cure.

MOVE: A historic three-day conference on the MOVE Organization took place in Philadelphia from May 5 through May 7 on the history, ideology, and beliefs of MOVE. MOVE 9 members called in from the PA dungeons where they are being held, more than a dozen members and supporters spoke on their experiences with MOVE, and many lessons were shared that have major ­implications for movement building strategies.

6 pm – 9 pm

147 W 24th Street • 2nd floor • NYC 10011

Sponsored by  The MOVE Organization
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal     Workers World Party 

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, (NYC)

For info: call 212.633.6646 or 212.927.2924

Light supper will be available at low cost