Sovereignty and Peace for Venezuela

Sovereignty and Peace for Venezuela

Venezuela’s current wave of extreme right wing violence and wanton destruction aims at creating conditions of chaos in the country so as to bring about external intervention. The wave of violence, the efforts to isolate Venezuela diplomatically, and the external interference in its internal affairs have one and only aim, ‘regime change’.

  • Demand full respect for international law and unconditional support for Venezuela’s right to self-determination and sovereignty
  • Rejection of any form of interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs, especially from the US; international law ought to be respected
  • Condemn any illegal, violent and unconstitutional attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro.
  • Support UNASUR, the Vatican, former presidents Zapatero, Leonel Fernández and Martín Torrijos (of Spain, Dominican Republic and Panama respectively) and the five countries that have formally joined the process in order to bring about peace in Venezuela through dialogue.
  • Any existing difference or disagreement that may exist between Venezuela and the US to be addressed and resolved through constructive engagement and diplomacy
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Estela Vazquez
Vice President 1199-SEIU

Andre Francois
President Local 8751, Boston School Bus Union

Steve Kirschbaum
Vice President Local 8751, Boston School Bus Union

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle NYC; International Action Center; Answer Coalition; International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ); United National Anti-war Coalition; Workers World Party; Cuba Solidarity; International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity; FMLN NY

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Sovereignty and Peace for Venezuela