Takiyah Thompson, freedom fighter that climbed the Confederate statue, and others were arrested. Call District Attorney to drop charges…



UPDATE: 8/16/17: 3:00 PM

Urgent Situation Unfolding in Durham – Calls, Donations, Signatures Needed

After a courageous demonstration that toppled a Confederate monument in Durham, North Carolina the Durham County government has decided to side with white supremacists and their legacy.

The Durham County Sheriffs have opened a campaign of repression against those involved in this heroic action – arresting activists on serious charges, raiding organizers’ homes, and creating a climate of intimidation. We need your help now to defend community activists and let the state know we won’t back down! 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call the DA (919-808-3010, press 4) – demand they drop the charges against Takiyah Thompson, Loan Tran, and Dante Strobino and that they cease any further attempts to repress or arrest anti-racist activists
  • Call the Sheriff and  Durham County Commissioners and let them know you support the will of the people and demand no additional charges are filed:

Sheriff: Michael D. Andrews (919)-560-0853

Wendy Jacobs: (919) 418-3169

Brenda Howerton: (919) 544-4160

James Hill: (919) 536-8820

Ellen Reckhow: (919) 383-3883

Heidi Carter: (919) 225-4268

It has been a momentous few days across the South in the struggle against white supremacy.

Like many, we were horrified by the murder of Heather Heyer by neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. But we were equally inspired by the outpouring of resistance of many thousands to shut down the “Unite the Right” rally there that Heather was a part of, and to resist the growing tide of racism and white supremacy in this country. The events in Charlottesville have set off a powerful wave of resistance and solidarity across the country in its wake.

On Monday August 14, hundreds of people gathered in Durham, North Carolina for a demonstration to express solidarity with Charlottesville and the struggle against white supremacy. They gathered outside the Durham County Courthouse, where a monument to the Confederacy stands tall right outside the main entrance. That is – until they took matters into their own hands.

In a righteous display of people power, the demonstration toppled the monument.Durham County responded by targeting and arresting freedom fighters involved in the action.

Durham sheriffs arrested freedom fighter Takiyah Thompson at a press conference by community anti-racist activists the following day. At Takiyah’s court hearing this morning – Wednesday, August 16 – police arrested Loan Tran and Dante Strobino. They have further indicated that they will attempt to press more charges against people involved in the action. We will not allow this to intimidate the peoples’ will to tear every monument to white supremacy down!


UPDATE: 8/16/17 – 10:30 AM

Aug. 15 — Takiyah Thompson, the freedom fighter who climbed the Confederate statue, was arrested this afternoon following a press conference in Durham and released after a few hours, facing a hearing tomorrow morning for two felony charges of “inciting a riot” and three misdemeanor charges of “vandalism.”  Thompson’s supporters are asking the public to call the District Attorney’s office to drop charges against Thompson and all protesters: 919-808-3010 (office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and to donate at Durhamsolidaritycenter.org/bondfund to a bail fund.

UPDATE: 8/16/17 – 9:30 AM

The lines are open!  Call the #Durham DA now and demand all charges be dropped! Number is: 9198083010. When you get to the menu, let it repeat and then don’t press anything. You’ll be connected to someone in the DA’s office.

UPDATE: 8/15/17 – 7:00 PM

Takiya was released without bond. Her first court appearance is tomorrow, Aug. 16 at 9AM.  She is facing two felony charges of “inciting a riot” and 3 misdemeanor charges of “vandalism.” Continue to call District Attorney to drop charges against all protesters: 919-808-3010

UPDATE: 8/15/17 – 5:00 PM

Takiyah Thompson, freedom fighter that climbed the Confederate statue was arrested. Call District Attorney to drop charges against all protesters: 919-808-3010 & donate here to bail fund Durhamsolidaritycenter.org/bondfund


Brave anti racist activists and community members in Durham, NC are being threatened with arrests for protesting a white supremacist monument, please take a few minutes today to contact the Durham County Commissioners and Sheriff’s office and demand that NO ONE face any legal consequences!

Tue Aug 15 at 2 PM to Thu Aug 17 at 5 PM

Sheriff: Michael D. Andrews (919)-560-0853

County Commissioners:
Wendy Jacobs: (919) 418-3169 | wjacobs@dconc.gov
Brenda Howerton: (919) 544-4160 | bhowerton@dconc.gov
James Hill: (919) 536-8820 | jahill@dconc.gov
Ellen Reckhow: (919) 383-3883 | ereckhow@dconc.gov
Heidi Carter: (919) 225-4268 | hcarter@dconc.gov