NYC: Emergency Action Alert! – 78th Precinct Denies Sound Permit for 9/9/2017 Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network Rally

S O L I D A R I T Y   C E N T E R

  Emergency Action Alert  
78th Precinct Denies Sound PermitCall now to flood NYPD Det. Gallente with phone calls at (646) 373-8351

Tell them to issue the sound permit now!

Tell them not to deny the sound permit for
For the First Brooklyn-wide

On July 20, 2017- BAN organizers submitted a Sound Permit, to hold a Rally at the Barclay Center for September 9, 2017.

First week in August – Det. Laffy states it is too early. Come back two week before date of event.

Two weeks before date – Det. Galante states police are too busy dealing with Labor Day.

September 6, Sargent Ronfolla, stated permit has been okayed, and Det. Galante will give it to us.

Today, in less than twenty-four hours Det. Galante states his boss will not grant the sound permit.

Please call Det. Gallente at
(646) 373-8351 and demand that
our permit be approved

Also call Precinct (718) 636-6411,
demand to speak to the Desk Sargent!  TWEET @NYPD78Pct

Demand that our permit be granted for 11am – 12 pm at the Barclay Center – not ‘Across the Street!’

9/9/17 The Brooklyn March Against Gentrification, Racism, and Police Violence

Initiated by The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN).

Please Endorse TODAY!

To have your community group, anti-police brutality group or family, place of worship, small business, tenant organization, etc. endorse the Brooklyn-wide Day of Action against Racism, Gentrification & Police Brutality

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or call/text (646) 820-6039

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