Solidarity and Aid for the People of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Solidarity & Aid for the People of Puerto Rico
Stand With All the People
of the Caribbean


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The International Action Center is launching a People-to-People Aid Campaign for the ultra-devastated nation of Puerto Rico.

The IAC is collecting monetary donations
to send to politically established grassroots organizations-specifically the Puerto Rico Teacher’s Federation (FMPR) which is working with other unions and groups organizing working brigades throughout the island to help poor communities, teachers and students who lost everything.

FMPR work brigades

Why is the IAC launching this campaign?  The entire world has seen the utter destruction of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean on September 20.  Weeks after the hurricane hit, millions remain with no food, water or shelter.  Almost the entire island has no electricity. People are dying, hungry and desperate despite the fact that it is well known the U.S. could alleviate the situation if it really wanted.

It will take years to repair Puerto Rico.  But if the solidarity movement does not continue its work in the U.S. to demand genuine aid, the island could be rebuild entirely for the needs of the banks and the corporations. The gentrification we see in our neighborhoods will take over the entire island.

Furthermore, the struggle against colonialism and for the independence of Puerto Rico could be completely derailed as a result of this catastrophe. We are confident however, that the Puerto Rican people will not allow this to happen.

The IAC wants to do its part to help.  We are carrying out people to people solidarity by sending money to organizations that have long been in the struggle to defend the people from U.S. imperialism.

Long after the news of Puerto Rico is off the front pages, solidarity actions with Puerto Rico and all the Caribbean will be urgent.  The U.S. solidarity movement is now discussing People to People Work brigades as well as continued protests to demand real aid, not military occupation for Puerto Rico.  Furthermore, Trump’s arrogant actions toward Puerto Rico cannot be used by the Democrats to overlook the real issues. It was under a Democratic administration, Barack Obama, that the Promesa Act was passed, forcing Puerto Rico to pay the illegitimate debt of $74 billion!

Donate to the IAC at 100% of the money collected will go to the FMPR with a message of solidarity against U.S. imperialism.

We are calling for:

  • Demand an end to PROMESA, repeal the Jones Act!
  • No privatization of the island.
  • Puerto Rico for the Puerto Ricans, not the banks!
  • Cancel the debt and pay reparations!
    No militarization of Puerto Rico!
  • Solidarity with the Virgin Islands, Haiti
    and all the Caribbean!

For more information call 917-328-6470

To donate to the IAC at
100% of the money collected will go to the FMPR with
a message of solidarity against U.S. imperialism.

See the IACenter/Puerto Rico donation page
for information about where to mail checks.