NYC: Wed. Nov. 15: Protest MTA Board Meeting @ 9 AM


Protest at MTA Board Meeting
Wednesday Morning November 15, 9 am —  2 Broadway
Across from the 4,5 Bowling Green Subway Stop
or take the R,W to South Ferry/Whitehall Street Station

100% Accessibility NOW
Stop Racist NYPD Harassment
in the Subway!

We Want More Elevators, More Buses
and More Trains!

Real New Yorkers Swipe it Forward!Wednesday morning, join Access-A-Ride Reform Group (AARRG!!!) and The People’s MTA for a protest, sit-in and people’s speakout at the MTA’s monthly board meeting.Tell the MTA board you’re sick of no elevators, too few buses and subway trains, racist policing and fare hikes!
Last week the NY state comptroller let the cat out of the bag: “unplanned” fare hikes are in our future, due to the increased money the MTA is spending.But where is that money going? It’s not being used to make stations accessible. The hundred-million-dollar makeovers that are taking stations out of service don’t even include new elevators. No, that money is going to line the pockets of banks for debt service, or others who are profiting off the MTA’s expansion in gentrified areas.
As the MTA promotes gentrification, the racist police crackdown intensifies in the boroughs and in the subways. Eighty percent of 2017’s 15,000 arrests for “fare evasion” are of African American or Latinx riders.

Somehow more money is being spent — all while buses have been cut, seats taken out of trains, service is deteriorating and more cuts of transit workers and station agents are planned. Wall Street is looting public transportation!

Come to the MTA Board meeting and tell the rich, unrepresentative board members that public transportation belongs to the people! If they are only capable of running the subway for Wall Street, we’ll take it over and run it ourselves!

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