From the United States, the International Action Center extends its solidarity to the Honduran people and their representative organizations and parties in their fight to expose the electoral fraud of the dictatorial regime of Juan Orlando Hernández, the U.S. puppet ex-president who lost the Nov. 26 election.

At this time the criminal regime is attempting to carry out electoral fraud to falsify the results of the election. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal, a tool of the regime, announced on the night of the vote that the opposition coalition of parties backing Salvador Nasralla and his vice-presidential candidate Xiomara Castro, was leading the vote by more than 5 percent with more than half the votes counted. After withholding vote totals for days, finally the Electoral Tribunal claimed that the incumbent won.

This fraud was so apparent and blatant that it that hundreds of thousands of unarmed Hondurans came into the streets in cities and towns throughout Honduras. They defied police and army repression that killed at least seven people as of Dec. 2. Their continued protests show they will not accept the old regime’s return.

For nearly a century the Pentagon has used Honduras as a military jumping-off point for intervention throughout the continent. Washington, and especially Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had already played a key role in the military coup that overthrew the elected government of President Manuel Zelaya in 2009. This coup and another stolen election in 2013 forced massive migration to the U.S. and unleashed massive repression, which included the murder of environmental leader Berta Cáceres and human-rights leader Margarita Murillo.

Because of the poisonous U.S. role, the International Action Center considers it a special responsibility to stop Washington from defending the fraudulent and brutal regime. The Honduran people have the right to select their own president.

The International Action Center makes the following demands on the U.S. government:

Remove all U.S. military forces, trainers or advisers from Honduras and close all U.S. bases.

Stop providing any U.S. military equipment to the Honduran army, including spare parts for all the equipment.

U.S. military organizations stop training Honduran military officers.

U.S. hands off Honduras!

​Teresa Gutierrez and Sara Flounders,
co-directors of the International Action Center​
Dec. 3, 2017