IAC: 26 Years of Activism

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26 Years of Activism

December 2017

Dear friends,

The Trump administration, which contains the most rightwing, racist forces of U.S. imperialism, has changed the political landscape in this country and sent shockwaves around the world. If you believe that people’s movements are the decisive force in pushing back racism, reaction and war — and are the only way to win rights for all working and oppressed people — then we urge you to act decisively. Your assistance matters! Help us continue determined grass roots resistance and solidarity.

This year we have seen the most extreme, neo-fascist forces emboldened by signals from the White House. Attacks have intensified on African-American, Latinx, Arab, Muslim, South Asian peoples and immigrant communities. Government agencies are targeting, detaining and deporting immigrants at unprecedented levels, viciously separating children from their parents. Corporate-appointed government officials are gutting environmental, safety and health regulations. Moreover, a tax scam designed by the superrich 1% will bilk millions of people to enrich corporations, millionaires and billionaires. Future cuts endanger Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration and more.

U.S. missiles are killing civilians in Iraq. The U.S. dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan. Pentagon-backed wars in Syria and Yemen are pushing millions of people towards their death. U.S. nuclear war threatens the Korean peninsula and East Asia and endangers the world’s people. The IAC says “U.S.: Hands off Korea!” Meanwhile, the Pentagon has sent more warships to East Asia. Additionally, U.S. military forces have carried out more than 3,500 military actions in Africa in the past year, and Africom’s presence is growing on the continent.

A year of fightback

Waves of mass actions began on the day of Trump’s inauguration when thousands gathered in the streets of Washington in protest. The next day millions of women poured into the streets there and around the country to protest attacks on their rights. When the administration imposed an anti-Muslim travel ban, protesters rushed to shut down airports countrywide in solidarity with immigrants.

This has been a year of monumental fight back. Courageous and creative actions have taken place across the country. Brave youth defied armed racists in Charlottesville, Va. Young people have torn down white supremacist Confederate monuments in Durham, N.C., New Orleans and other cities. Young immigrants have fought for their rights to remain in the U.S. to work, study and raise families. People with disabilities have occupied government offices to protest cuts in a life-or-death struggle to protect essential health coverage.

The IAC joined in or initiated demonstrations against U.S.-led wars and interventions. The IAC also opposed intensified U.S. threats against sovereign countries, including Venezuela and Cuba. Some IAC members participated in a delegation on an educational trip to Cuba to commemorate the life of Che.

In Honduras, the U.S. government is supporting election fraud. Massive protests are taking place there in opposition. Honduran organizations held an emergency gathering at our office to plan responses to the election fraud and support the enduring resistance.

The U.S. government has been guilty of neglect or worse since the devastating hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, where the people still face life-threatening shortages of medicine and electricity. The IAC carried out an email fundraising campaign to aid people on the island. Additionally, a devastating earthquake hit Mexico in September. Here, too, the IAC is collecting funds to send donations to Ayotzinapa families in Mexico who are gathering aid for distribution.

Solidarity Center: A hub of activism

The IAC is based in the Solidarity Center, a meeting place for several organizations and the site of many work sessions. It’s a resource for the progressive movement. The People’s Power Assembly meets there weekly and continues to take on and join in actions against racist police violence and in defense of Black Lives Matter and low-wage workers. The International Working Women’s Coalition meets there to plan activities.

Samidoun: Palestine Prisoners Solidarity Network is also based at the Center and from there organizes weekly protests against U.S.-backed Israeli aggression. From that office, annual organizing takes place for May Day actions in defense of worker and immigrant rights. Our activists have joined protests against the deportation of immigrants from Central America, Haiti and other Caribbean countries.

The IAC has chapters around the country, The West Coast IAC center, based in Los Angeles, has initiated and worked in coalitions with allied organizations against U.S. wars and interventions broad, police violence against Black and Brown people and government attacks on immigrants. They joined with low-wage workers to fight for livable wages and unionization. Members participated in the women’s Me, Too Survivors Movement march. IAC chapters show their opposition to all bigotry, express solidarity with the LGBTQ community and join in annual Pride marches.

The Philadelphia IAC continues to be active in the struggle to free African-American political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and is supported by the organization’s members from many cities. The Baltimore PPA organizes on every vital community and national issue. The Boston IAC and the New York office, with United American Indians of New England, each sent a busload of supporters to join the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Mass. Hundreds of Native activists and their allies rallied to support Indigenous struggles throughout the Americas and honor political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

Your help is urgently needed!

Historic circumstances challenge us. For 26 years the International Action Center has been a national center of antiracist and antiwar organizing. But much more is needed. We have done a lot to oppose the arch-racists in the White House. But now the stakes are even higher. The IAC has counted on your involvement and support to aid us in all of our campaigns and protests since its founding — and we are very grateful for it.

We must turn to you, our supporters, once again in this critical period to ask for your help. Your donations are urgently needed. The IAC is an all-volunteer organizing center. All contributions are used for mobilizing expenses. Help us continue. CLICK HERE.

Sara Flounders
East Coast IAC Co-director

Teresa Gutierrez
National Director, IAC Latin-America/ Caribbean
and Immigration Projects

Terrea Mitchell
People’s Power Assembly

Mahtowin Munro
Co-leader, United American Indians of New England

John Parker
West Coast IAC Co-director

Rev. C.D. Witherspoon
President Emeritus of Baltimore Southern Christian
Leadership Conference; People’s Power Assembly

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