Dec 18: NO to Trump’s Cuba policy rollback!

NO to the blockade against Cuba! 

December 17

will mark three years since Presidents Obama and Raúl Castro made steps towards normalizing relations between both of their countries. Unfortunately, the new occupant of the White House decided to do away with all the progress we’ve made and turn back the clock on U.S.-Cuba relations, ignoring the will of the majority of Americans and the Cuban people. Together, we must push against his backwards policies and demand that we continue on the path of rapprochement.

He’s doing everything wrong. While presenting absolutely no proof, the he has accused Cuba of being behind the mysterious attacks that sickened 24 American (as well as some Canadian) diplomats. His administration has then gone on to use these “attacks” as a pretext to downsize the U.S. embassy in Havana and to arbitrarily expel Cuban diplomats from Washington, D.C. The reduction of personnel in both embassies has made it even more difficult for Cuban families and individuals to travel both ways across the Florida Straits. Trump has also decided to ignore the international community, which – for the 25th year in a rowvoted on November 1st overwhelmingly for the end of the blockade. And of course, he implemented new restrictions on travel to Cuba, which do nothing to help the Cuban people and everything to discourage American citizens from traveling to Cuba if only for the fact that they make the process less clear.

In honor of the anniversary of the opening of relations, we’re calling on everyone to participate in a Twitterstorm on December 18 that’s being organized by the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity.

Together, we’ll tell the U.S. government: NO to the genocidal blockade against Cuba, NO to Trump’s Cuba policy rollback!

How to Participate

On December 18, go on Twitter and
tweet at one of Trump’s handles:

@realDonaldTrump   @POTUS

When crafting your tweets, make sure you
include one of the following hashtags:

#NoMasBloqueo   #NiUnPasoAtras