Stop Bombing Syria! Protest this weekend

International Action Center
CONTACTS: Joe Lombardo 518-281-1968 / Sara Flounders 201-388-7428

Stop the Bombing of Syria!

Free Palestine!

Money for Jobs and Human Needs, Not War at Home and Abroad!

This weekend thousands will take to the streets in the United States against the Trump Administration’s criminal bombing of Syria.

From Washington DC, Atlanta and Portland on Saturday; to New York, Durham and Oakland on Sunday (full list here) — the people will once again unite against the racist, pro-corporate Trump White House to demand the immediate halt of bombing of Syria and that money be spent on jobs and people’s needs instead of war.

In New York City there will be a rally at Herald Square at 2:00 PM on Sunday, April 15, followed by a march to Trump Tower.

The weekend’s nationally coordinated actions had already been called in protest of escalated war activity in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria; drone attacks; threats against North Korea and Venezuela; the appointment of warhawks Mike Pompeo and John Bolton – and against aid to murderous governments like the Israeli regime, who even today continue to maim and kill unarmed Palestinian protesters as they demand an end to the inhumane Gaza blockade.

Washington has shown it is just fine “allowing atrocities” in Palestine. And as the people of Gaza get shot down for rising up against inhuman living conditions, the people in the U.S. march to protest the racist murders of Stephon Clark and Saheed Vassell. This weekend’s people’s mobilization against war and racism is one of solidarity with all of the oppressed worldwide.

With the air strikes against Syria, the mobilization has taken on added urgency. People around the world are looking to see what people in the U.S. will do. Will the people once again rise up against Trump as they did against the Muslim ban and for women?

The chemical weapons atrocity blamed on the Syrian government is the latest in a long history of fabrications used to justify war against oppressed countries for the benefit of the rich and Wall Street. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 to the “incubator baby” scare in 1990 to the weapons-of-mass destruction lie of 2003, the U.S. has always hidden the true motivation — profit for the 1% — for its ruthless wars against the planet.

Endorsing Organizations include Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Vets for Peace, the US Peace Council, the United National Antiwar Coalition, Code Pink, The Black Alliance for Peace, United for Peace and Justice, the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases, International Action Center and over 300 other organizations.

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