New School Occupation Escalates As Graduate Students Strike; Tues. May 8, 10am-6pm (New Time)

Solidarity Center

Contacts: Victoria Capraro. 720.425.5244 and alternately Morgan Raspanti 201.316.4558

The occupation of the New School Cafeteria continues and escalates! Join us on the picket line as we unite with SENS-UAW to shut down the New School!

“Students will resolutely continue the occupation of the cafeteria until all of the workers express their consent and agreement with the decision of their union.”

In response to the email “Joint Statement from The New School and UNITE HERE Local 100 Regarding Food Service Operations at the University”:

On May 7, 2018, a joint statement from the administration and the cafeteria workers union, UNITE HERE Local 100, announced that they have “reached a joint agreement regarding food service operations at the university” and requested that “everyone allow the University Center cafeteria to resume all normal operations for the benefit of the workers, their families, students preparing final work for the term, and the entire New School community.”

In the statement, the union and the administration announced they would no longer hire the workers as New School employees, but would extend the contract with Chartwell. Workers heard this update from student occupiers first, not from their union or their bosses.

In conversation with a student, workers have expressed their fear that after that contract expires, the school will attempt to once again bring cafeteria services in-house and make the workers compete for their jobs. Workers were surprised and outraged that the union would attempt to call off the occupation on their behalf and have asked the students to continue the occupation until a contract is finalized.

This statement comes at a strategic moment when the school is trying to divide the unity between cafeteria workers, student occupiers, and SENS-UAW graduate student workers about to begin a strike of their own.

Students and workers of the occupation absolutely refuse to believe any promises from New School administration, who have continually offered us nothing but lies.

The occupation will continue until the school has signed a contract that guarantees jobs for all of the workers, higher wages, the same benefits, and tuition vouchers for their families. In addition, workers and students demand that the current management of the kitchen be replaced and that students and workers be involved in the decision making and running of the cafeteria.

The occupation camp itself has been sustained by dedicated students and generous donations of food and supplies from supporters. Despite the closure of the cafeteria facilities, workers have been present at the occupation daily, and participate in the regular general assemblies where both students and workers debate and decide on new tactical offensives.

This week, the occupation unites with the SENS-UAW graduate student workers in their strike, as they are also demanding a fair contract immediately from The New School administration. We ask that all students, faculty, and workers join the picket line, beginning Tuesday May 8th, and going 10-6 every day in front of 63 5th Ave. We invite those who support the interconnected struggles of the New School graduate students and cafeteria workers to join us in a community dinner at 6PM in the occupied cafeteria.

All of us or none!
Every single job!

Cafeteria Location: 63 5th Avenue, 2nd floor
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