NYC: May 14 & 18: All out FOR Jerusalem, Gaza & Palestine; Over 50 Palestinians have been massacred




Stand with the Great March of Return


MAY 14

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 72nd St. and 5th Ave.
RALLY at 5 pm and MARCH at 6 pm


MAY 18

Times Square 42nd St. and 7th Ave. 3 pm to 6:30 pm

On Monday, May 14th, the NY4Palestine coalition and the Palestinian and Arab communities of New York and New Jersey will heed the call to mobilize for Palestine in the historically Arab neighborhood of Bay Ridge.

We aim to voice our demand for the Right of Return for ALL Palestinians to return to the land of Palestine – from Gaza to al-Quds, from Haifa to Nablus, from the East to the West, the North to the South and the River to the Sea.

On Friday, May 18, we will gather in Times Square, starting at 3 pm.

May 15 will mark 70 years of the catastrophe known as the Nakba, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homelands and forced into the condition that continues to this day. The Nakba did not start in 1948, and did not end in 1948. With each martyr, with each home destroyed, with each settlement built, the Nakba continues. Despite this, seventy years of dispossession and genocide has not extinguished the flames of seventy years of resistance and dignity.

Adding salt to the wound of the Nakba, the Trump regime declared that the United States will move its embassy in occupied Palestine to al-Quds (Jerusalem). israel has taken this opportunity to cement its usurpation of not just Jerusalem, but all of Palestine.

Since Land Day on March 30, the Palestinian people have engaged in a six-week campaign called the Great March of Return. As of May 9th, 50 Palestinians have been martyred by Zionist forces, who have shot intentionally at the unarmed protestors, aiming to stop the inevitable march of the Palestinian people to Return. Palestinians, according to all international norms and traditions of oppressed peoples, have the inalienable Right to Resist, no matter what, no matter how, no matter when. We aim to declare our unequivocal support for the Great Return March – and demonstrate that the Palestinian diaspora is part and parcel of the struggle for Palestine.

Stand with us this Monday, May 14, on 72nd St and 5th Avenue with the Palestinian and Arab community to demand return of the people, return of al-Quds, and return of the land.

Free Palestine!
Times Square • 3 pm • Friday, May 18 rally

Bay Ridge • 5 pm • Monday, May 14 rally

Names of the martyrs of the Great Return March

1) Wahid Nasrallah Abu Sammour, (27) yr
2) Mohammed Kamal Al-Najjar, (25) yr
3) Mohammed Naeem Abu Amr, (27) yr
4) Amin Mansour Abu Muammar, (22) yr
5) Ibrahim Salah Abu Shaar, (22) yr
6) Abdul Fattah Bahjat Abdul Nabi, (18) yr
7) Mahmoud Saadi Rahmi, (33) yr
8) Sari Walid Abu Odeh, (27) yr
9) Hamdan Ismail Abu Amsha, (29) yr
10) Jihad Ahmed Farina, (34) yr
11) Ahmed Ibrahim Ashour Odeh, (19) yr
12) Abdul Qader Murdi al-Hawajri, (42) yr
13) Jihad Zuhair Abu Jamous, (30) yr
14) Musab Zuhair Al – Saloul,
(His body is still held by the Zionists) 22 yr
15) Bader Al – Sabbagh, (21) yr
16) Naji Abdullah Abu Hujayir, (25) yr
17) Mohammed al-Rabayi’a,
(His body is still held by the Zionists) 20 yr
18) Fares Alreqb, (29) yr
19) Shadi Hamdan Al – Kashif , (34) yr
20) Ahmed Arafa, (25) yr
21) Mujahid Nabil al – Khudari, (24) yr
22) Majdi Ramadan Shabat,
23) Alaa Yahya Al Zamili, (16) yr
24) Thaer Mohammed Rabaa, (30) yr
25) Hussein Mohammed Madi, (16) yr
26) Osama Khamis Qudeeh, (38) yr
27) Ibrahim al-‘Er, (20) yr
28) Sidqi Abu Attiwi, (45) yr
29) Mohammed Saeed Al-Haj Saleh, (33) yr
30) Yasser Murtaja, (30) yr journalist
31) Hamza Abdel Aal, (20) yr
32) Marwan Qudeeh, (45) yr
33) Abdullah Mohammed Al Shehri, (30) yr
34) Mohamed Hjaila, (31) yr
35) Islam Harazallah, (28) yr
36) Abdullah Mohammed Shammaly (20)yrs
37) Tahrir Mahmoud Wahba (17) yrs “deaf”
38) Ahmed A. Aqel. (25) yr
39) Mohammed Ayyoub. (15) yr
40) Sa’ad A. Taha. (29) yr
41) Ahmed Athamna (24) yr
42) Ahmad Abu Hussain (26) yr “journalist”
43) Azzam Helal Owaida (15)
44) Khalil Naim Atallah (22)
45) Mohammed Amin AlMuqaied (21)
46) Abdul Al-Salam Baker (29)
47) Anas Shawqi Abu Assr (19)
48) Bahaa AbduRrahman Qudeeh (23) yrs
49) Mohammed khalid AbuRaida (20) yrs
50) Abd Aldayem Abu Musameh
(His body is still held by the Zionists) (23) yrs

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