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Donate now to FIRE, a newly formed multinational, multigender grassroots movement comprised of migrant rights advocates, students, teachers, unionists, socialists, Black Lives Matter, anti-imperialist and other activists.

At this moment of crisis for millions of migrants around the world – adults and children forced to flee their homes because of poverty, violence, and wars imposed by U.S. and European expansion and intervention – it’s time to light the flames of a united fight back.

We are launching a new, national organization to amplify the struggles of im/migrants and refugees everywhere. We believe in supporting the leadership of these movements by connecting all of the issues facing workers here, whether it is police terrorism against communities of color, mass incarceration, sexism, ableism, or exploitation, we want to support a broad movement to take direct action against the horrific crimes of ICE and the Border Patrol.

Eyewitness Delegation to the U.S. – Mexico Border

FIRE is mobilizing activists, primarily young, LGBTQ, people of color, and working class organizers to travel to the U.S. border to support and learn more about struggles to defend our class against ICE and Border Patrol terrorism.

We will be traveling to Brownsville, Texas from June 27 – to July 2 to support actions and take part in an eyewitness tour against U.S. concentration camps for migrant youth and families. We need your support to bring a group of activists to learn about the conditions on the frontlines of this movement. The delegation will publish reports and findings from the border, as well as participating in demonstrations led by these communities against the ongoing separation of families in these cruel concentration camp style detention centers.

Once we return from Texas, we will be speaking out, organizing, and shutting down ICE across the country in support of this growing resistance movement. We need your support to make this important work happen!


Abolish ICE & the Police

Asylum for Central American & All Refugees;
Open the Borders

Close all Detention Centers & Prisons

End Militarization of the Border

Honor Indigenous Nations’ Lands

Justice for Everyone Killed in Detention

Justice for LGBTQ Migrants

No Muslim Ban, No Wall, No Border

Reparations for Climate Change Refugees!

Reparations to Puerto Rico for U.S. Colonialism
Forcing Boricuas into Exile

Reunite ALL Families Including from Mass Incarceration of Black, Brown & Poor People

Solidarity with African, Asian & Middle Eastern Migrants.
Reparations Now

Permanent Residence Now for All Im/migrants

U.S. & Pentagon Out of Central America & Everywhere!
No War Abroad

Workers Struggles Know No Borders

Zero Tolerance for Racist/Fascist Tactics

Who is FIRE?

FIRE is a new organization started by activists across the USA.

Here are a few of our founding organizers:

Rahui Suré Saldivar-Soto is an organizer and activist in San Diego. They are transgender and two spirit and have been fighting for liberation since 2015.



Samuel Ordóñez is a Boston-based activist whose family fled state-sanctioned violence during the Guatemalan Civil War. Dedicated anti-imperialist and pan-Americanist.



Teresa Gutierrez has been fighting for working class rights for decades; is a co-founder of the May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights and is originally from Texas.

John Parker, based in Los Angeles, is a long-time socialist who recently ran in California as the Peace and Freedom Party’s 2018 candidate for U.S. Senate. He traveled and written extensively as an anti-imperialist, anti-war activist, as well as being a long-time and well-known fighter against racism, police terror, for im/migrant and workers rights.


Gloria Rubac is a Houston-based activist started her work supporting the Black Panther Party in Houston and has been active for decades part in many struggles, including anti-imperialist work, as well as spending years of her life fighting to abolish the death penalty in Texas. Gloria is also part of the Migrant Rights Collective and has been active in the im/migrants rights struggle since the 1970s.


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PS. Check out our live coverage from the border here.