Abolish ICE – FIRE at the Border!

Abolish ICE – FIRE at the Border!

FIRE delegation with Eduardo Canales, the Executive Director of the South Texas Human Rights Center in Falfurrias, Texas.

Our activists are igniting a radical conversation at the border!

The past few days of historic resistance to the U.S. government’s violent policies towards im/migrants have catalyzed rallies in over 700 cities across the United States to end the separation of families and to abolish ICE.

But as long-time migrant-rights activists, we believe we should demand more than that.

That’s why we launched a new organization called
FIRE, Fight for Im/migrants & Refugees Everywhere.

Our first action has been to head to the Texas-Mexico border.
Our delegation—11 organizers from 8 states — traveled to show national support for the struggle at the border. You can say we have been igniting FIRE!


In the past three days at the border, our eyewitness delegation has:

  • Marched in the biggest demonstrations in Brownsville, Texas’ recent history, outside of the courthouse where deportation hearings were taking place.
  • Attended a vigil for Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzalez, killed by Border Patrol, as well as  Roxsana Hernandez, a Honduran transgender woman murdered by ICE.
  • Held a meeting with over 40 students at South Texas College about FIRE’s mission.
  • Toured a U.S. Border Patrol Detention Center.
  • Visited Reynosa, Mexico, and learned about the murder of im/migrants trying to cross the border.
  • Protested an execution at Texas Death Row in Huntsville
  • Marched in massive June 30 rallies
  • Met with the South Texas Human Rights Center and viewed unmarked graves of hundreds of im/migrants whose unidentified bodies were found in the area desert.
  • Launched new chapters of FIRE across the country

The importance of this delegation was clearly revealed to me in a vigil we attended on Friday that honored in part the memory of Roxsana Hernandez, a Honduran trans woman murdered by the state. Seeing the acute intersection of state violence on the grounds of both white supremacy and transmisogyny shows how important it is that we have a force like FIRE in the struggle that can link various oppressions and counter each of them with equal force. Liberation can only be achieved with solidarity against imperialism’s violent divisions, and FIRE is the answer for creating that solidarity.
– Steph Davies, delegate from Philadelphia (pictured left, speaking to students at South Texas College in the border city of McAllen)

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