Decolonize Puerto Rico Week of Actions: Sept 20 – 27

September 20 marks one year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Over 4,600 people died in this catastrophe in Puerto Rico. Due to the colonial crimes of the US government, the poverty rate has surged to over 50% since the disaster.

One year later, the destruction of Puerto Rico has not ended – rather it has escalated. Nearly 300 schools have closed. Around 400,000 Puerto Ricans have since left the islands. The bankers and hedge funds are looting Puerto Ricans tax dollars, taking everything from the Puerto Rican people.

These are just a few of the many U.S. crimes against the people of Puerto Rico motivating the historic and growing International People’s Tribunal set for October 27 in New York City.

 Please donate to the Puerto Rico Tribunal  to help put the U.S. on trial. Your action builds solidarity with the movement for decolonization and reparations in Puerto Rico.

From September 20 – 27, please join organizers across the U.S. to rise up in solidarity with our Puerto Rican brothers, sisters and allies. They are not alone.

  • Activists from various movements will take to the streets
    on September 20th.
  • Your calls can flood the phone lines of Puerto Rican Education
    Secretary, gringa Julia Keleher, demanding full funding and reopening
    of Puerto Rican schools.
  • Petition drives and informational leafleting in local communities
    are also encouraged.
  • On Grito de Lares, the 150th anniversary of Puerto Rico’s uprising
    for independence from Spain, we will support and march with
    our Boricua comrades.

Let’s educate, agitate, and organize to build the movement in solidarity with Puerto Rico.

Learn more, find an action near you, and sign up for the week of actions

All of these events will be building for the International Tribunal on US Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico, which will be held on October 27 in New York City. Please make every effort to attend this historic gathering.

For the past two weeks, organizers from the Tribunal have been traveling throughout Puerto Rico meeting with people and many different social movement forces. They are there to gather evidence and testimony from Puerto Ricans on the crimes of US colonialism that have caused so much suffering in Puerto Rico.

You can check out updates from their trip at the Puerto Rico Tribunal Facebook Page, including a video from Puerto Rican national hero Rafael Cancel Miranda calling for support and mobilization to participate in the Tribunal on October 27.

Head over to the Tribunal website for regular updates, leaflets, and other information about how to get involved in building for the International Tribunal on U.S. Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico.

International Tribunal on US Colonial Crimes in Puerto Rico