Emergency rally for Cuba! Tuesday. Oct. 16, @ noon at UN

There will be an emergency rally tomorrow, Tuesday at the UN in defense of Cuba!

Rally with be noon – 3pm at Ralph Bunche Park on 1st Ave between 42nd and 43rd streets.
This demo is in response to a press conference the United States will be holding Tuesday at the United Nations to attack Cuba on supposed ‘human rights violations’ and ‘political prisoners.’
The United States is the greatest human rights offender in the world, with the largest prison population (per capita and absolute) of any country in the world. The U.S. has no standing to speak on the supposed human right violations of other countries!’
This is short notice, but as big a turnout as possible is important to show support for the Cuban Revolution.
Defend Cuba!
Tuesday, noon -3pm
Ralph Bunche Park (1st Ave between 42nd and 43rd streets)