Contribute to build the International Tribunal on U.S. Crimes Against Puerto Rico – OCT 27 – NYC

SAT • OCT 27 • 9 am until verdict • Holyrood Church/Iglesia Santa Cruz • 715 W 179th St • NYC  

Dear friends,

One year since the devastation of Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017, the eyes of the world are once again focused on Puerto Rico. The hurricane and the continuing failure of recovery efforts by the U.S. government have washed away illusions about the islands, exposing the ongoing damage of 120 years of U.S. colonialism. It is time to tell the truth about Puerto Rico, redirect the narrative and take action.

On October 27, the International People’s Tribunal on U.S. Crimes against Puerto Rico will convene in New York City. The tribunal will present a people’s investigation of the role of the U.S. government ever since its 1898 military invasion that destroyed Puerto Rican independence and sovereignty. Activists and witnesses from Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican diaspora, the U.S. and around the world — including those personally affected by U.S. crimes — will meet in New York City in a noted sanctuary and social justice venue, Holyrood Church/Iglesia Santa Cruz, to take part in this historic tribunal.

They will be joined by renowned Nicaraguan legal scholar and attorney Dr. Augusto Zamora, who will serve as prosecutor, and a distinguished jury of U.S. and interna-tional human rights leaders. The growing list of conveners and supporters is posted on, which is continually updated with the latest information about the tribunal. After the event, a printed and digital record will be created which can be enhanced and added to as the struggle of the Puerto Rican people advances for decolonization, reparations and sovereignty.

More Puerto Ricans have moved to the USA over recent decades because of deliberate impoverishment of the island due to U.S. governmental and business policies. The hurricane catastrophe, combined with racist governmental neglect and arrogance toward the people, have caused extreme hardships, including unnecessary deaths, and forced many island residents to relocate in the USA. This Tribunal will expose all
of this. It is critically important to tell the truth about the USA role in Puerto Rico in solidarity with our sisters and brothers on the island and in support of their struggle for independence.

Donations are urgently needed to support and build this timely, groundbreaking event. Your donation will help cover many costs: supporting a fact-finding trip to Puerto Rico, delegations of witnesses from the island traveling to New York, preparing the printed and digital publication of the testimony, renting the Church, as well as translation, rental of audiovisual equipment, outreach materials, child care, food, housing and accessibility.

Please make a generous donation online, or by check:
Puerto Rico Tribunal, P.O. Box 34249, Philadelphia, PA 19101.
Whatever amount you can give is critically needed and will be truly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

In solidarity,
Berta Joubert-Ceci

Rafael Cancel Miranda  Puerto Rican patriot
Augusto Zamora  Professor of International Law
Lcdo. Alejandro Torres Rivera   Boricua labor lawyer
Ismael Guadalupe  Vieques leader
Esperanza Martell  Puerto Rican Peace & Human Rights educator, organizer & artist
The Rev. Luis Barrios  Holyrood Church/ Iglesia Santa Cruz
Déborah Berman Santana, Ph.D.Emeritus, Mills College, Las Piedras, PR
Iris Colón Dipini  Puerto Rican Independence activist, NYC
A Call to Action on PR/NYC
Colectivos de la Resistencia Boricua
Colectivo Se Acabaron las Promesas
Comité Boricua Filadelfia- Camden
International Action Center

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