Border war crimes

November 10, 2018

Four days before the midterm election, the U.S. “provocateur in chief” spewed poison deeds and words. He ordered 15,000 federal troops to police the border with Mexico. And he called for shooting any refugee trying to cross the border who throws stones.

While Trump isn’t the first U.S. president to send troops off to commit war crimes, he may well be the first to order a massacre of civilians on CSPAN. Two days later, after some troops laid barbed wire at the border, he praised the “beauty” of the wire.

When this president lies — which is when he breathes — he does it without mincing words. Some mistake that for being frank. It’s really being fascist. He gives a green light to the worst reactionary scum of capitalist U.S. society.

This particular attack on the refugees aims to provoke his racist, anti-immigrant base at campaign rallies. The result? Armed fascist “militia” say they’ll patrol the border. Overseas, the Nigerian army used Trump’s words to justify gunning down 49 civilians.

Those opposing Trump are organizing solidarity with the refugees from Central America. It’s now an integral part of opposing Trumpism. Worldwide, the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign has called for a Nov. 9 action against all walls, from those in Palestine to the one on the U.S. border with Mexico.

Closer to home, military veterans appealed to active-duty GIs sent to the border to refuse and resist. Rory Fanning, former U.S. Army Ranger and War-Resister, and Spenser Rapone, former U.S. Army Ranger and Infantry Officer, War-Resister, write:

“To all active-duty soldiers:

“Your commander in chief is lying to you. You should refuse his orders to deploy to the southern U.S. border should you be called to do so. Despite what Trump and his administration are saying, the migrants moving north towards the U.S. are not a threat.

“These small numbers of people are escaping intense violence.

“In fact, much of the reason these men and women — with families just like yours and ours — are fleeing their homes is because of the U.S. meddling in their country’s elections. Look no further than Honduras, where the Obama administration supported the overthrow of a democratically elected president who was then replaced by a repressive dictator.

“These extremely poor and vulnerable people are desperate for peace. Who among us would walk a thousand miles with only the clothes on our back without great cause?

“Consider this as you are asked to confront these unarmed men, women and children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. …

“By every moral or ethical standard, it is your duty to refuse orders to ‘defend’ the U.S. from these migrants. History will look kindly upon you if you do. There are tens of thousands of us who will support your decision to lay your weapons down.” (

Workers World joins this call and its pro­mise that tens of thousands will support GIs who refuse to become war criminals.

Solidarity with the refugees!

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