Dec. 3, NYC: International Day of People with Disabilities

Monday at 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

23rd st and 6th Avenue (Elevator access at 23rd st and Park Ave)

Join People’s Power Assemblies NYC as we honor the dignity of people with disabilities and fight the oppressions that people with disabilities face.

We demand equal accessibility from the MTA for disabled riders, an end to warehousing and mass incarceration of people with disabilities and an end to police murder.

Over 50% of people killed by the police have a disability.

Only 94 of 472 (20%) of the subway stations in New York City are accessible.

People with Disabilities makeup over 25% of persons living in extreme poverty.

PPA recognizes that the International Day of People with Disabilities, “(DRPI) celebrates the human rights principles and echoes the countless voices of people with disabilities around the world in calling for dignity, autonomy, non-discrimination, inclusion, and respect for difference.”

Black Lives Matter! Disabled Lives Matter! Join us. Support Disabled Liberation!