NYC: Defend Cuba & Venezuela! Sat. Jan. 26 @ 12 pm

Defend Cuba & Venezuela

Saturday, Jan. 26 @ 12pm
Cuban Mission (38th St. & Lexington Ave in Manhattan)
This Saturday, January 26, the Cuba Solidarity Movement is calling all opponents of US economic sanctions, travel sanctions, and interventions in Latin American to come out into the streets to defend Cuba, Venezuela, and Latin American sovereignty. International Action Center and Workers World Party will be joining this event and we encourage our allies to attend.

Workers all over the world have a stake in Venezuela’s future. While the U.S. government strangles millions of workers here by shutting down social services over Trump’s racist wall, the Pentagon remains open for business and is taking aggressive action against workers abroad.

A previously unknown puppet for U.S. interests named Juan Guaidó boldly swore himself in as President of Venezuela yesterday, against the wishes of the people of Venezuela. He called the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, a usurper. This is a lie. Maduro was democratically elected by the people of Venezuela, twice! Guaidó’s backers in Trump’s white house, fascist leader of Brazil Bolsonaro, and all other regional puppets of the U.S. government have already eagerly accepted Guaidó as one of their own, even as he cowers in the Colombian embassy in Caracas. They want to wipe the gains made by Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez from the pages of history. Iraq war architect John Bolton says that regime change in oil-rich Venezuela is a “big business opportunity.” We must be shoulder-to-shoulder with our class in Venezuela and fight back!

The struggle for Bolivarian Venezuela’s future is a struggle all class-conscious workers must take part in. If workers want free healthcare, strong labor rights, an end to racism, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and a decent society to raise children in, we must mobilize in response to defend Venezuela’s gains.

Silence is not an option!